Pagar Mico Meaning

example with pagar um mico in portuguese

Hello there? Are you ready to learn Portuguese? Today, we are going to learn one more expression of the Brazilian Portuguese. Do you know the “Pagar Mico” meaning? The expression pagar um mico is an old expression. Its meaning is associated to the feeling of embarrassment, joy or mockery.

Pagar Mico? Pagar um Mico?

There are many variations for this expression. They are usually interchangeable, so we don’t have an explicit rule for it.

  • Pagar mico.
  • Pagar um mico.
  • Pagar um grande mico.
  • Que mico!
  • Que micão!
  • Um mico!

The only thing you need to observe is that “pagar um grande mico” refers to something bigger than just “pagar um mico”. Same as “Que micão!”, that is greater than “Que mico!”, since it has an augmentative.

Examples For Pagar Mico Meaning

Let’s see some structures using the expression pagar um mico and some variations:

1 – José pagou mico quando falou com Julia pensando que era sua namorada.
1 – José felt embarrassed when he talked to Julia thinking it was his girlfriend.

2 – O vento levantou a saia daquela moça. Que mico!
2 – The wind lifted up that lady’s skirt. That was very embarrassing!

3 – Não sabia que ela era a mãe do meu amigo. Um mico!
3 – I didn’t know she was my friend’s mother. What an awkward situation!

4 – Na hora da foto, Marina estava dormindo. Que micão!
4 – When we took the picture, Marina was sleeping. That was very funny!

5 – Ele pagou um grande mico quando onda do mar levou a sunga dele.
5 – He was very embarrassed when the waves on the beach took his trunks away.

Exercises with Pagar Mico!

Read the sentences below and think if they express a situation where you could add “Que mico!” or any variation of it:

  • Joana tropeçou em uma pedra e caiu na calçada.
  • Minha mãe ligou pro telefone errado e falou por dez minutos antes de perceber.
  • José foi para o Brasil estudar português.
  • Os alunos estudaram muito para a prova do CELPE-Bras.
  • Eu fiquei tão bêbado que liguei pro meu ex namorado!
  • Minha avó pediu ajuda para arrumar a casa.
  • Você sabia que a Maria está namorando o José?
  • Ela tentou pintar o cabelo de loiro e acabou ficando amarelo!

Well guys, that’s it. Today, we have learned the expression pagar um mico, one more expression in Portuguese. Hey, also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Bye, bye! Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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  • Que mico!
  • Que micão!
  • Pagou um mico!
  • Pagou um grande mico!

This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese) Español (Spanish)

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