Palácio do Catete with fun

Hoy fuimos al Palácio do Catete, que ahora funge como el Museo de la República. Aprendimos sobre la historia de Brasil, que explica mucho de como se vive en este país hoy en día. Tuvimos un guía fantástico que fue Moisés Santos que nos acompañó durante todo el día. Me quedé contento porque ya he estado en Rio mucho tiempo y apenas ahora conocí el Palacio de Catete. La pasamos muy bien.

Juan C. Morales, México

Starways at Palácio do Catete with fun - RioLIVE! Activities - Rio & Learn
Let’s start our journey for knowledge

Yesterday we were at Palácio do Catete with fun to talk about the Brazilian History development and some of its main processes. We learnt a lot about the former President Getúlio Vargas who suicided in 1954. After the visitation at the Palácio do Catete we were walking around the park behind the big mansion and relax under the amazing sunny day. We sit nearby to the lagoon to chat and practice some Portuguese and learn a little bit of Yoga with one of our American students, Kurt. We learnt and exchange a lot of knowledge between us with our cultural differences. It was a remarkable day at Palácio do Catete with fun and we wlll never forget it. Como with us and enjoy more about the Brazilian Culture and the Portuguese Language by our RioLIVE! Activities. Follow our calendar to find out more.

Enjoying the sunny day nearby the lake - RioLIVE! Activities - Rio & Learn
Enjoying the sunny day nearby the lake.

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