Pão de Açúcar: The most beautiful viewpoint in Rio

Today with RioLIVE! Activities we attended Pão de Açúcar: the most beautiful viewpoint in Rio de Janeiro! Starting off in Urca with Klauber as our guide our group followed a beautiful nature trail that leads to the top of Morro da Urca. We learnt some important new vocabulary along the way such as ‘sweating’, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a glimpse of the monkeys hiding out in the treetops. On reaching the top we took a cable car to Pão de Açúcar where we were greeted with dazzling views of the entire city!

Susan Costin, United Kingdom

Students in front of th sugarloaf Mountain also called The most beautiful viewpoint in Rio

We started on a hike, exercising and enjoying all the green present in the local vegetation at Morro da Urca, the smaller mountain next to the Sugarloaf. There we took our first ride on the amazing “Bondinho“. At the top, it was possible to contemplate the landscape of the south side of the city, while the natural beauty enchanted the students in its broadest aspect. To finish our tour with a cherry on top, the sunset only enhanced this PARADISIAC view of Rio de Janeiro even more.


students and the teacher taking a selfie at morro da urca. Climbing to get to Pão de Açúcar: The most beautiful viewpoint in Rio

Check out for more pictures of the breathtaking view we had at Sugarloaf Mountain on our Facebook Page:

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