Parade in Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Foreigners parading at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Date: February 20th, 2023
Meeting: 19:30 at Rio & Learn

Cost of the activity: 1600 reais

Carnival has been a special date for all Brazilians since the day we were born! It’s part of our identity and our essence! That is why this holiday is so celebrated and deserves as much praise as we can give it! But how it is officially celebrated? Do you know? Well, Samba Schools parade through Sambadrome for two nights. Their parades often have important themes to raise awareness for certain issues. From politics to history, these schools teach way more than the samba during Brazilian Carnival. Have you ever wanted to dance in the Rio Carnival? Sounds good, doesn’t it? The good news is: Rio & Learn can take you to this amazing party and you will be able to see, enjoy and be part of this whole event! Let’s join the actual Samba Parade of Rio de Janeiro Carnival!

six portuguese students having fun and learning while parading in rio carnival.

Sambódromo is a big venue where people can watch the parades every year from the bleachers. Oscar Niemeyer designed it, and it officially opened on August 1st, 1984. In the past, schools used to march down Rio Branco Avenue at the center of the city, but then the government had the idea of building a special place for the samba schools to make their show. Nowadays this is a symbol of Brazilian Carnival, and it attracts people from all over Rio, Brazil, and the world to watch the show.

But in this RioLIVE! Weekend you will not only see but also be a part of the parade! You will have the opportunity of marching through Sambódromo with a real carioca samba school. A moment to treasure for your entire life! It’s for sure something you must have on your bucket list, right? Parade during a Rio de Janeiro Carnival feels like a life-time achievement!

In 2018, during the parades, the biggest television channel in Brazil filmed our students participating in the parade! Look how great! Our students appeared on television to millions of people, and were immortalized in the history of Brazilian samba! That’s a special Carnival! Can you imagine being filmed and achieving celebrity-status among your friends? hahaha

Watch this moment below!

What are you waiting for? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The feeling while you parade through Sambadrome is unique: it’s continuing an almost sacred tradition in our culture! You will be able to sing the samba from your school, hear people cheering from the bleachers (while also singing with you!) and participate in a party that takes millions of people to get ready. From the seamstress that sewed your costume just for you, to the samba singer that can sing for hours, everyone is there to make the night even more magical!

Watch our previous parade below! It was so much fun!

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