Parecer in Portuguese

26 de February de 2014

Parecer in Portuguese

Parecer in Portuguese. Ela parece muito animada! Foreign Brazilian Portuguese student having fun in Lapa, at the Selarón stairs.
What’s up people? All good?
In our Dica today, we will learn the use of the verb parecer in Portuguese. We use the verb parecer when we want to talk about the physical or expressive appearance of a person, place or situation.
First, let’s see the conjugation of the verb parecer.

Parecer in Portuguese. Conjugation of the verb Parecer in Portuguese: Eu pareço, você parece, ele or ela parece, nós parecemos, vocês parecem, eles or elas parecem. Rio & Learn

Let’s see some examples with the use of the verb parecer, both physically and expressively:

Examples with the Verb Parecer in Portuguese

Eu me pareço muito com o meu pai.
look like my father.

José, o que aconteceu? Você parece preocupado.
José, what happened, you look worried.

Ele parece muito feliz hoje.
He seems very happy today.

Nós parecemos irmãos, mas não somos.
We look like we are brothers, but we are not.

Esta festa parece muito chata. Vou embora!
This party seems boring. I’m leaving!

Vocês parecem muito animados para a festa de amanhã.
You look very excited for tomorrow’s party.

Eles não parecem satisfeitos com o resultado do jogo.
They don’t seem pleased with the game result.

Essas músicas parecem com as músicas do meu país.
These songs sound like the ones from my country.

Parece que hoje vai chover.
Looks like it’s going to rain today.

Isso parece uma boa ideia.
This seems like a good idea.

Esse médico parece muito calmo.
This doctor looks very calm.

Done! We have just learned about the verb parecer in Portuguese. Any doubts guys?
If you do have any doubts, talk to us through our Twitter. We are always ready to help!

We’ll see you on the next one, right? Looks like we will learn a lot of Portuguese together!
Massive kiss from Rio de Janeiro!

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