Parque aquático

Parque aquático

Portuguese students enjoying a sunny day
Portuguese students enjoying a sunny day.

Water park experience was a great opportunity to see the outlying areas and spend time speaking with the teachers and students. Pablo was a great host and the park had some killer rides.

Jim Boatman, United States.

Having fun at the Aquatic Park.
Having fun at the Aquatic Park.

We decided to enjoy the sunny Sunday to go to the biggest aquatic park of Latin America, Rio Water Planet, which is located at the neighborhood of Vargem Grande.

On the way going there, our Portuguese students could practice the language and also see some places such as Rocinha and Barra da Tijuca. When we arrived there, our students could enjoy the sun, tan, go to the slides, the pool with waves and the falls. It was a very extreme adventure, but all the students were very brave and faced their challenges.

It was a very funny Sunday because we could gather Portuguese practice and fun, as usual. So, if you want to speak Portuguese at the same time that you have fun, Rio & Learn is your place taking part in our RioLIVE! Activties.

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