Visiting Parque Lage is always a pleasure!

Parque Lage is always a plesure

The school trip to Parque Lage today was awesome. Pedro was a great tour guide and had many things to talk about. The subjects were interesting and very informative. What I appreciated most about today was how Pedro spoke very clearly which made the understanding of Portuguese today very easy. It was the first time that I was able to sit down at the restaurant which I thought was very pleasant. As a photographer, I highly recommend more trip to Parque Lage in the future. Especially, for future students. Today was great.

Michael Dreher, USA

Visiting Parque Lage is always a pleasure. Even better if it’s in a RioLIVE! Activity as confirmed by students and teachers. One of the first things the students always notice is that the park’s nature looks a little wild, specially the students who had been to the RioLIVE! at the Botanical Garden previously. Parque Lage gave them a feeling of being in Rio’s true forest. This time the students had fun photographing the monkeys jumping from branch to branch and eating the jackfruits. Then we had drinks and desserts at the palace and finished our experience by going to the rooftop with the amazing view.

Check more pictures of this RioLIVE! on our Facebook page and see by yourself how visiting Parque Lage is always a pleasure:

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