Example of partiu in Brazilian Portuguese. Partiu samba!

Let’s see what Partiu in Portuguese means

Whether you started learning Portuguese last week or last year, as long as you have tried to immerse yourself within Brazilian culture, you have most definitely seen the word partiu thrown around. But what the hell does it even mean? Translating won’t help you figure out this expression. We at Rio & Learn, however, will.

Partiu as in Partir

First things first, let’s go back to the root of it all: the verb partir. As you can see from the table below, partiu is a simple past tense conjugation of partir.

Partir Past Simple tense in Portuguese: eu parti, você partiu, ele/a partiu, nós partimos, vocês partiram, eles/as partiram

Partir in Portuguese means “to leave” or “to divide.” The expression partiu comes from that first meaning of “to leave,” though it’s often used as a sort of invitation. It’s a lot like saying “let’s go” in English.

Partiu as Inviting Someone Out

Imagine you’re chatting with your newfound Brazilian friend and asking them their plans for the afternoon. This conversation could maybe play out like this:

– O que você vai fazer hoje à tarde?
– To indo pra praia. Partiu?
– What are you doing this afternoon?
– I’m going to the beach. Let’s go?

Although it may seem a bit unnatural to say such a thing in English, it is completely normal for a Brazilian. It’s a casual invitation, an extended hand for you to grab onto. And how would you reply to that? Partiu! of course.

Partiu as “Let’s do this!”

Now you’ve agreed to go to the beach with your friend. But what sort of person are you? Do you sunbathe? Do you surf? Do you swim? You and your friend have to decide on an activity! How do you do that? …You ask, using partiu!

Partiu nadar?
Let’s go swimming?

Partiu as “Let’s go there!”

Whereas in English, you’d probably need more than a couple of words to express an invitation, partiu in Portuguese does pretty much the whole job. All we need now is to pick a location!

– Tá ficando muito cheio aqui. Partiu piscina?
– Partiu piscina!
– It’s getting really crowded here. Let’s go to the pool?
Let’s go to the pool!

More Examples of Partiu in Portuguese

– O dia foi muito longo hoje, cara. Partiu drinks?
– Today was very tiring, man. Let’s go get a drink?
– Let’s go!

– Tem prova amanhã? Ixi! Partiu estudar!
– There’s an exam tomorrow? Damn! Let’s study!

Check out the video below for more examples of partiu in Portuguese:

That’s it, folks! You can already join in on the hashtag #partiu! So, partiu Rio?
A warm hug to all of you!

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