Party at Paraty

Party at Paraty

Party at Paraty - Students drinking caipirinha
Party at Paraty

Fue realmente genial conocer la ciudad de Paraty. Es una ciudad muy bonita, ya pesar de ser una ciudad muy antigua, su arquitectura es muy hermosa. Fuimos al Festival de la Cachaça y tuvimos una noche maravillosa. Disfruté de los conciertos, porque tenía varios tipos de canciones. Para comer, elegí la tapioca.

Jorge Gutierrez, Mexico.

Our Saturday night was a lot of fun during the party at Paraty. We met at Rio & Learn in the morning and went to the bus station, where we took something to eat before the long journey to our destination. The day was very beautiful, perfect for travel and enjoy the sights along the way.

Along the way going to Paraty
On the highway

Along the way, we talked in Portuguese on various subjects. It was very interesting and fun for everyone, because we managed to distract us. The trip was long, we arrived there around 19:00, but in addition to talk, we managed to sleep on the bus, to be rested and enjoy the party and the charms of Paraty.

When we arrived, we walked the streets there, to meet its tourist attractions and its colonial architecture, which is preserved until today. Consequently, we met some churches because there is a city with much religious influence, since it was founded.

DSC01141 Rio & Learn DSC01140 Rio & Learn DSC01222 Rio & Learn DSC01217 Rio & Learn DSC01224 Rio & Learn Exploring Paraty before the party

After seeing the city, we went to the party, which was very lively. There were some shows with Brazilian and international music. The students had a great time, and experienced a variety of drinks made with cachaça.

DSC01145 Rio & Learn DSC01155 Rio & Learn DSC01169 Rio & Learn DSC01196 Rio & Learn DSC01195 Rio & Learn DSC01188 Rio & Learn DSC01197 Rio & Learn DSC01177 Rio & Learn DSC01168 Rio & Learn

Come to Rio & Learn and study portuguese having fun.

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