Passistas at Rio & Learn

Passistas en la Rio & Learn

Hver dag holder Rio & Learn aktiviter man kan joine, så man kan fortsætte med at snakke portugisisk. Igår var der samba! Super fedt og sjovt at lære basis trinene og lave et par rutiner. Sød lærer, varede en time, så både overskueligt for hoved og krop. Anbefaler!

Cecilie Carstensen, Denmark

Passistas at Rio & Learn
They know how to do it!

Not only students but now there are also passistas at Rio & Learn. Our Portuguese students had the opportunity to try and learn a little bit of the famous rhythm in Rio de Janeiro, Samba. For almost most of them, it was the first time doing it, but they did a great job. Their instructor started the class in a very calm and easy pace, since they were fast learners, the class got faster and more specific and different steps were taught.

No problem for them, they made their instructor really proud and now they are ready to visit samba schools and show how well they can dance samba!

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Passistas at Rio & Learn

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