Pets in Brazil

17 de November de 2015

Hi, people! How are you? Today we are going to learn aboutΒ pets in Brazil. Do you know how we say pets in Portuguese? It’s animais de estimação. It’s also important to notice that we are going to see these animals following their definite articles. If you need any help with this topic, see our related Dica about Definite Articles in Portuguese, and I am sure you will ace it!

We have different types of animais de estimação. Let’s take a look at some of them:

o cachorro the dog
o gato the cat
o papagaio / o louro the parrot
o coelho the rabbit
o peixe the fish
o passarinho the bird
o hamster the hamster
o porquinho-da-Γ­ndia the guinea pig
a tartaruga the turtle
o furΓ£o the ferret

Let’s hear the pronunciation of the pets in Brazil

Let’s watch the video, where teacher Igor from Rio & Learn will teach us the pronunciation of some of these pets in Portuguese:

Exercises about pets in Brazil

1) Choose which animals below are considered pets or animais domΓ©sticos. Follow the first example!

Animal DomΓ©stico (pets) Selvagem (wild)
Cachorro x
Cobra x


That’s it guys! Do you have any pets in your house? If you want to continue learning portuguese for free, stay tuned at our A Dica do Dia. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time!
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The peixe, or fish, is marked as a pet and as wild because we have different types of fishes in the world!

Animal DomΓ©stico (pets) Selvagem (wild)
Cachorro x
Cobra x
Gato x
FurΓ£o x
Elefante x
Porquinho-da-Índia x
Girafa x
Peixe x x
Coelho x