Learn and change the world

Our Philosophy

We set up Rio & Learn with a very clear purpose: to help improve communication between people and to contribute to a better understanding of other cultures. To help you learn and change the world around you.

After travelling around the World for leisure and professional reasons, the creators of Rio & Learn have found that the best route for training in personal and professional growth is to really get to know other cultures. Understanding how (and why) people around you act and speak is essential for empathizing with a new culture. This promotes relationship building in all areas: social, emotional, friendship, business, etc. In addition, learning the native discourse of a culture is an essential element of using another language fluently and confidently.

The creators of Rio & Learn realized that when we learn a language we:

Our philosophy of assisting communication between different people also extends to our  charity projects for children’s education in Brazil. We offer our students the opportunity to contribute through donation. In summary, Rio & Learn’s goals are to help people communicate with others from diverse backgrounds, increase our students knowledge, improve their opportunities, and to help our students grow socially, culturally and intellectually and to work towards a better world.

Therefore, we try to pass on this idea to our students in the motto:
Learn and change the World.

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