Pineapple Juice Recipe

22 de October de 2013

What’s up everyone? Are you ready for another Dica? Today our Dica is delicious! We’ll practice the Imperative verb by reading a refreshing pineapple juice recipe! Here you’ll learn how to make the juice, understand how to read recipes in Portuguese and a special bonus related to a pineapple caipirinha! Are you curious? Let’s take a look step by step at how to make this juice:

How to Write the Pineapple Juice Recipe

Writing a recipe is an art! You have to make the recipe sound so good that the readers want to follow your recipe by making their mouths water for the resulting food or drink. So, first you have to be convincing and practical. Choose your words well, be brief and focused on the correct instructions to make sure it’s clearly explained. Got it?

For this we use a lot of the Imperative Verb Mode in Portuguese (you’ll have to master it!). Let’s see how to do it, step by step just like we do in our RioLIVE! Activities. Prepare the ingredients and let’s make some refreshing pineapple juice!

Pineapple Juice Recipe Step by Step

1 – Descasque o abacaxi. 1 – Peel the pineapple
2 – Corte as fatias em pequenos pedaços.
2 – Dice it in small pieces.
3 – Ponha os pedaços de abacaxi no liquidificador.
3 – Put the pineapple pieces in the blender.
4 – Deixe o abacaxi batendo no liquidificador até ficar bem líquido.
4 – Blend the pineapple until becomes liquid.
5 – Ponha uns cubos de gelo.
5 – Add some ice cubes.
6 – Bata mais um pouco até dissolver totalmente o gelo.
6 – Blend it a little bit more, until the ice is totally dissolved.
7 – Ponha no copo e beba à vontade.
7 – Serve in a glass and drink as much as you like.

Now it’s your turn! 

Now that you’ve learned how to make pineapple juice, we have a challenge for you. You’ll complete the recipe of pineapple caipirinha. Find the right verbs for each instruction and conjugate in the imperative tense. To do this you have to take into account what you’ve just learned above (with the pineapple juice recipe) and combine this with what you know about how to make a typical caipirinha. If you never made one, take a look at our Dica about caipirinhas. Let’s go!

1 – ____________ o abacaxi.

2 – ____________ as fatias do abacaxi em pedaços pequenos.

3 – ____________ os pedaços do abacaxi e o açúcar em um copo.

4 – ____________ o copo com a cachaça.

5 – ____________ suavemente a mistura com um pilão.

6 – ____________ os cubos de gelo.

7 – ____________ bastante.

8 – ____________ em um copo e ____________ à vontade.


That’s it, guys! We have just learned how to prepare a delicious pineapple juice.

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Do you know the expression Estar com um abacaxi nas mãos?

See you soon, everyone!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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Answer to the exercise

1 – Descasque o abacaxi.

2 – Corte as fatias do abacaxi em pedaços pequenos.

3 – Coloque / Ponha os pedaços do abacaxi e o açúcar em um copo.

4 – Complete / Encha  o copo com a cachaça.

5 – Amasse suavemente a mistura com um pilão.

6 – Coloque / Acrescente os cubos de gelo.

7 – Sacuda / Mexa bastante.

8 – Coloque / Ponha em um copo e beba à vontade.