Pingado coffee

25 de July de 2017

Hello everyone! Excited about another Dica? In today’s lesson we will show you what a Pingado coffee in Brazil is!

What is a pingado coffee?

Pingado is how Brazilians call coffee with a splash of milk. It’s really common to order a Pingado at lanchonetesYou can find lanchonetes everywhere here, it’s very common and Brazilians go there to have a quick bite. 

The word pingado it’s related to the word pingo. Pingo means a drop, for example: pingo de água (drop of water). We call this style of coffee a pingado because it’s a coffee with just a drop of milk. It’s interesting understanding where the words come from, right?

In Brazil, we have different names for different types of coffee, if you want to learn them, click here.

We will show you how to order a Pingado around here:

What is a pingado in Brazil. Eu gostaria de pedir um pingado, por favor.

Luana: Boa tarde. Eu queria pedir um pingado, por favor.
Atendente: Está bem!
Luana: Obrigada. 

Luana: Good afternoon. I would like to order a pingado, please.
Atendente: Ok!
Luana: Thank you.

It’s really common to see Brazilians having pingados for breakfast on their way to work. As it’s quickly prepared and easy to find, you can stop by any lanchonete and have one.

Now, let’s watch this video to practice the pronunciation of what you’ve just learned.

Dialogue about pingado coffee

Pedro: Estou com fome, vamos na lanchonete?
Marcos: Ótima ideia! Vamos sim!

Pedro:  Que bom!
Marcos: Já sabe o que vai pedir?

Pedro: Sim! Eu quero um café. Mas como não gosto de café puro, vou pedir um pingado.
Marcos: Boa ideia! Também vou tomar um pingado.

Pedro: Vai comer algo?
Marcos: Claro! Um pão de queijo! Melhor combinação.

Pedro: Hahaha, verdade.. Mas eu prefiro com bolo!
Marcos: Muito bom também!

Translation of the dialogue

Pedro: I’m hungry, let’s go to the lanchonete?
Marcos: Great ideia! Let’s go!

Pedro:  Great!
Marcos: Do you already know what you are going to order?

Pedro: Yes! I want coffee. But I don’t like black coffee, I’ll order a pingado.
Marcos: Good idea! I’ll also get a pingado.

Pedro: Are you going to eat something?
Marcos: Of course! Pão de queijo! It’s the best combination.

Pedro: Hahaha, true.. But I prefer it with cake!
Marcos: Very good too!

Do you like Pingado? So does Hugh Jackman!

Have a class with us and with our Livelearning methodology we’ll take you out, have coffee together and you’ll learn how to order in a lanchonete and much more.

Vocabulary list

Now let’s take a look in all the vocabulary you’ve learned today:

Pingado Coffee with a drop of milk
Café Coffee
Café puro Black coffee
Leite Milk
Pão de queijo Brazilian cheese bread
Bolo Cake
Comer Eat
Pedir Order
Fome Hunger 
Lanchonete Snack bar
Pingo Drop

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