Playing at Parque Lage

Playing at Parque Lage

Beautiful Parque Lage.
Beautiful Parque Lage.
Les visites avec RioLIVE! sont toujours tres instructifs. Les professeurs qui vous accompagnent, vous expliquent l histoire du parc. Vous vous baladez dans la nature et pouvez appercevoir de temps en temps des singes quand vous etes tres attentifs.
Caroline Michaux, Belgium.

In our RioLIVE! on Monday we spent the afternoon playing at Parque Lage. We started our activity getting to know the Palácio and took the moment to take photos and learn the history of the place. It’s usually possible to to see artists painting there, but this time it was different because a photo essay was taking place and our students had a loto fun with that.

SAM_0726 Rio & Learn SAM_0728 Rio & Learn SAM_0730 Rio & Learn

After that, we went exploring the nature of the place e walked throught the beautiful Parque. The place is astonishing for those who like nature. The most interesting thing is that, although the Parque is gorgeous, it’s not very known by tourists. We climbed a big rock and we had a wonderful view of the place.

SAM_0731 Rio & Learn SAM_0732 Rio & Learn SAM_0734 Rio & Learn

To finish our RioLIVE! nothing better than remebering our childhood playing at the Parque’s playground. It was really fun. We laughed so hard in this RioLIVE! Come and have fun with us.

SAM_0736 Rio & Learn SAM_0737 Rio & Learn SAM_0741 Rio & Learn

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