Playing Beach Volley

27 de June de 2014

Playing Beach Volley

Alunos jogando volley

We went to play volleyball on the infamous Copacabana beach. Pablo brought the schoolΒ΄s very own net and ball and we were off! The weather was perfect, the sun had gone down so it wasnΒ΄t too hot to play. We were in 2 teams and had some very impressive rallies although things didnΒ΄t get too serious until the end when we started keeping score….and my team lost…merda! Afterwards we went for some cervejas and caipirinhas….it was a great afternoon and a nice break from the World Cup!

Suzy Kerton, England

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Yesterday, our RioLIVE! was beach volley. We enjoyed the sportive vibe that we have here in Brazil and we went to Copacabana’s beach to play some volleyball. Our students were very excited. Put this all together with Rio de Janeiro’s perfect weather and you will have an unforgettable afternoon at the “Cidade Maravilhosa”. It didn’t take too long for another group of foreigners get together with us and make the activity even better. We played for hours and nobody was tired. But in the last match, the score was very tight and we played hard for each point to get the victory. In the end, winning or losing wasn’t important, the important thing was to have fun.Β We finishied our activity at quiosque drinking beers and caipirinhas. But, the best part was that we could talk and practice our Portuguese. Come you too and take part at RioLIVE!

Ontem, a RioLIVE! foi beach volley. Aproveitamos o clima esportivo que toma conta do Brasil e fomos atΓ© a Praia de Copacabana jogar volley. Os alunos estavam muito animados. Junte tudo isso com o clima perfeito do Rio de Janeiro e terΓ‘ uma inesquecΓ­vel tarde na “Cidade Maravilhosa”. NΓ£o demorou muito para um grupo de estrangeiros se juntar a nΓ³s e deixar a atividade ainda melhor. Jogamos por duas horas e ninguΓ©m apresentava sinais de cansaΓ§o. AtΓ© que na ΓΊltima partida o clima esquentou e disputamos ponto a ponto pela vitΓ³ria. No final, o que interessava nΓ£o era apenas a vitΓ³ria e sim se divertir. Enfim, terminamos nossa tarde num quiosque bebendo cerveja e caipirinha. Mas, o melhor de tudo foi, que pudemos botar a conversa em dia, em portuguΓͺs. Venha vocΓͺ tambΓ©m participar dasΒ Β RioLIVE!

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