Playing Cards in Portuguese

Sunset in Urca with Christ the redeemer and ships behind.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the RioLIVE! experience outside of the class. I love the fact that after each class, you guys plan an event outside of class, which not only allows us to continue the class and learn Portuguese, but it also gives us the opportunity to explore Brazil and meet great people. Overall I had a blast!!

Christopher Cruz Luna, United States of America

Playing cards in Urca at praia vermelha beach.
Playing cards in Urca

This was the first time we tried playing cards in Portuguese at Urca. We had some decks and Chris, the american student, taught us how to play Poker and Black Jack. They were really difficult games to play so Baris, the Australian student, explained how to play a game called Bullshit. We laughed so hard during this RioLIVE! that we almost forgot the cards in the sand.

Sam is always doing something amazing! Students at Vermelha Beach in Rio de Janeiro.
Sam is always doing something amazing!

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