Playing in the Garden

Aproveitando o sol que finalmente chegou no rio! Uma visita no Jardim Botânico… muitas árvores, cactos, flores e sorrisos 😀

Ashley Weselak, USA

Students with the sumaúma tree.
Students with the sumaúma tree.

In this RioLIVE! Activity, students of Portuguese from four different countries spent a sunny afternoon playing in the garden. We went to the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed a refreshing walk around the park. There we could see beautiful plant species such as the imperial palm trees, the vitoria-regias, the jackfruit, the bromelias, the cactuses, the costela-de-adao, among many others whose origin in the world were showing on signs. The students had fun recognizing plants from different places. This joyous atmosphere made the students feel like playing in the garden, from painting their faces with natural ink from the pau-brasil tree to posing with the dancing sculptures from the homage to Matisse’s La danse.

Students posing with the dancing sculptures.
Students posing with the dancing sculptures.

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