Playing soccer as a true carioca does

Yesterday we did a RioLIVE! at Copacabana Beach. Played soccer and learned the basics of soccer. It was a great Brazilian experience. I highly recommend any of the students to participate.

David Baptiste – United States

Selfie with the group at the beach. one of the stuents holding a soccer ball.

The fun started the moment we stepped on the sand and realized that football was already part of us. In the first plays, we were certain the goal was coming. Jack dribbles, David shoots, and Lee scores. Our team is number 1. After a brief explanation of the basics of soccer, we started to practice a few moves and by the time everybody understood what they were supposed to do, it was GAME ON. In the end, they were playing soccer as a true carioca does. Rio & Learners are the best!

Neymar who?? lol

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