Playing Volley and Making Friends

Jugando a Voleibol y haciendo amigos.

Beach volleyball was the best! Organized by Diogo himself, we had a fabulous time and played about 5 games. None of us were professionals, but there was tons of laughter, and a few drinks afterwards… made me feel like a local in Rio. Don’t miss this activity!

Kimberly Webb, United States

Playing Volley and Making Friends
Playing hard!

Nothing better than playing volley and making friends on the beach, if you do that speaking Portuguese, it’s even better. Our Portuguese students did it with our Beach Volley RioLIVE! They spent some quality time playing and knowing each other since it is the first week for most of them. But besides catching up, they also played tough and good matches looking for the win. Making friends is good, but they are also good when it comes to playing beach volley.

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