Plugs in Brazil

20 de July de 2015

Hello friends! If you are planning to make a trip to Brazil, you need to see this vΓ­deo Dica! Today we are going to learn about the types of plugs in Brazil and also about Brazil’s electricity voltage.

Brazilian plugs

Electricity runs everything nowadays, right? Would you be able to survive traveling without your laptop or cellphone? Probably not right? hahahaha. So it’s very important to understand everything you can about the electricity requirements of the place you’re going to travel to. Do you know which model of electricity plug Brazil uses?

If you’re planning a trip to Brazil and you’re bringing your gadgets (I know you most definitely will haha) it’s better to be prepared and be familiar with the Brazilian system!Β  Not that long ago, in 2011, a new model of plugs was introduced in Brazil. The new model is called NBR 14136, that is, one with 3 prongs instead of 2, and now it’s the main plug used here.

Back then, we were using more than 10 types of plugs in Brazil, yes really! So, if you are planning to bring your gadgets with you it’s better if you bring an adapter. In Brazil a plug adaptor is better known as benjamin butΒ it only converts the old Brazilian style plugs to the new style, not international plugs.

Something that you also must know and pay attention to is the energy voltage of the city that you are going to. Here in Brazil we have two different types of voltage: 110V and 220V. If the voltage of your equipment is different from Brazil electricity voltage, you’ll need a voltage adaptor.

Now take a look at our Video about Brazil socket and more. Wait until the end, it’s worth it! Don’t forget to activate the subtitles in Portuguese, English or Spanish to learn even more!

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Types of plugs in Brazil

Check out everything you need about Brazil power outlet:

Plugs in Brazil. Plug adaptator in Portuguese: Adaptador/Benjamin. Plugs in Brazil. Voltage adaptator in Portuguese: Transformador de voltagem. Plugs in Brazil. Plug in Portuguese: Plugues de tomada.

Plug in Brasil: Wall socket in Portuguese - A tomada brasileira.

Vocabulary list about plugs in Brazil

Check out the vocabulary you’ve just learned about Brazil electric plug:

O adaptador/ O benjamin Adaptor plug
O transformador de voltagem Voltage adaptor
Os plugues de tomada Plug
A tomada Wall socket
A voltagem Voltage
Eletricidade ElectricityΒ 
ElΓ©trico Electric
Energia Energy

Now when you come study Portuguese in Brazil you’ll be able to recharge your gadgets because you already know everything you need about Brazil electric socket πŸ˜‰ !
See you in the next Dica! Bye!

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