Popular Beers from Brazil

Popular Beers from Brazil. There are different kinds of beer in Brazil
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Today, in our Dica do Dia we will talk about Popular Beers from Brazil.

Brazil is a tropical country, so it’s very common to see people having a beer here and there. We have different brands of beer and each of them has a different flavor and of course, price. Today we are going to learn a little bit about them.

Some Popular Beers from Brazil

Popular Beers from Brazil. Skol

Skol is one of the most famous in Brazil. It’s light, it’s crystal clear and is really easy to drink. Cans won’t last long in the fridge!

Popular Beers from Brazil. Bohemia

Bohemia is the women’s favorite beer. The first to be produced in Brazil, back in 1853. It has a refreshing flavor and it’s perfect for a hot day.

Popular Beers from Brazil. Antarctica

Antarctica has a low fermentation, a soft smell and a soft flavor. You can also drink Antarctica Original, because as the name suggests they keep the recipe of the original beer produced in Brazil.

Popular Beers from Brazil. Brahma

And last, but not least: Brahma. It is considered to be the most traditional beer in Brazil. It has the best draft beer of the four beers we presented. And the drinkers are very loyal.

That’s it for today, guys! Now you can enjoy our Brazilian Beers. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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