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Hi there! If you ever listened to a carioca talking, I’m sure you will have heard the word porra before. But what does porra mean in Portuguese? Well, today we will finally learn exactly what this word means and the contexts in which we can use it in our daily lives. So, let’s check out porra in Portuguese today!

Meaning of Porra in Portuguese

When you take a look at the Portuguese dictionary, you will see that porra has five different meanings. And those meanings explain a lot about how we use this word. Check it out:

1 – Porra can be a piece of wood that is long and rounded.
2 – You can also use porra to talk about something that causes discomfort.
3 – Porra is very rarely used to refer to the penis.
4 – Porra can be an interjection that shows frustration and unpleasantness.
5 – And finally, porra is the informal term used to refer to sperm.

But most people in Brazil use this term as a swear word, even though it’s considered a rather common one (albeit not that shocking).

How to Use Porra in Portuguese

When You Are Angry

Now imagine Diogo and Igor are trying to watch a soccer match on the tv, but the remote doesn’t work:

Diogo: Tá tudo bem, cara?Diogo: Is everything ok, man?
Igor: Essa porra não funciona!Igor: This shit doesn’t work!

To Express Excitement

Ok, the tv is on now, and during the game Diogo is suddenly very excited:

Diogo: Vai, vai, vai! Isso! Vai! Isso! Vai, Romero! Toca! Vai! Gol! Porra!Diogo: Go! go! go! Yeah! Go! Go, Romero! Kick! Go! Goal! Fuck!

To Express Pain or Frustration

You know that moment when you feel so much pain or frustration that words cannot express? Well, porra is the perfect word for it.

Júlio: O que aconteceu, cara?Júlio: What happened, man?
Fernando: Porra, dei uma topada na mesa!Fernando: Damn, I bumped into the table!

As a Comma

Here in Rio you’ll notice that cariocas use this word a lot. They use it as comma when they are talking to friends. Take a look:

Luana: Porra fui no supermercado porra muito cheio porra muita gente porra os caixas muito lotados. Porra! Não aguento mais, cara!Luana: Porra I went to the supermarket porra it was so crowded porra so many people porra the supermarket cashiers all full of people. Porra! I can’t take this anymore, dude!

Learn More with Our Student

Let’s check out the explanation from our buddy Tim, who is here to show you how to use this versatile word!

Tim is one of our students that came to Brazil to learn Portuguese. But if you don’t have the availability to travel right now, have you thought about taking online classes?

Words Derived From Porra

1 – Porrada: This first variation from porra means take a beating. Example:
Eu tomei uma porrada daquele homem com quem eu briguei!
I took a beating from that man I fought with!

2 – Aporrinhar: This one is a verb derived from porra! It means when something or someone bothers you. It is a regular verb, if you are wondering! Example:
Ele me aporrinha muito!
He nags me a lot.

3 – Porra Louca: someone that is usually impulsive and irresponsible. Example:
Ela é uma porra louca, nunca vai na aula da faculdade!
She’s a fucking crazy, never goes to college class!

4 – Porre: This variation has two different meanings. It can refer to drinking a lot. It can also refer to someone or something that is highly annoying. Examples:
Eu tomei um porre ontem, bebi quase um litro de caipirinha!
I got drunk yesterday, I drank almost a liter of caipirinha!
Nossa, aquela garota é um porre!
Wow, that girl is so annoying!

Well, that’s it for today guys. Hope you love this Dica! Don’t forget to subscribe in our Youtube Channel.

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