What does Porra mean in Portuguese?

26 de October de 2016

What does Porra mean in Portuguese?

What does Porra mean in Portuguese? Porra.

Hi! I’m Tim and I’m a student at Rio & Learn. Today we are going to learn the word Porra. What does Porra mean in Portuguese?

The real translation of Porra is sperm but it can also be used in different contexts. For example, we can use it when we are angry at someone or about something.




When we are angry

[one_third]Diogo: TΓ‘ tudo bem, cara?
Igor:Β Essa porra nΓ£o funciona![/one_third][one_third_last]Diogo: Is everything ok, man?
Igor: This shit doesn’t work![/one_third_last]

To express excitement

[one_third]Diogo: Vai, vai, vai! Isso! Vai! Isso! Vai, Romero! Toca! Vai! Gol! Porra![/one_third][one_third_last]Diogo: Go! go! go! Yeah! Go!Β Go, Romero! Kick! Go! Gooaal! Fuck![/one_third_last]

Other contexts

You know that moment when you feel so much pain that words cannot express?Β Well, Porra is the perfect word for it.

Here in Rio you’ll notice that cariocas use the word Porra a lot.Β They use it as comma when they are talking to friends. Take a look:

As a comma

[one_third]Luana: Porra fui no supermercado porra muito cheio porra muita gente porra os caixas muito lotados.Β Porra! NΓ£o aguento mais, cara![/one_third][one_third_last]Luana: Porra I went to the supermarket porra it was so crowded porra so many people porra the supermarket cashiers all full of people.Β Porra! I can’t take this anymore, dude![/one_third_last]

Well, that’s it for today guys.
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