Porto Maravilha is stunning!

Mural das etnias - Porto Maravilha

Porto Maravilha is an incredible spot in the center of Rio, headlined by the Museo do Amanha alongside a host of open spaces, buildings decorated beautifully with murals, and the enduring legacy of the 2016 Rio Olympic games and the renovations rendered in the portuaria area of Rio de Janeiro for those Olympic games. Visiting the Museum of Tomorrow (Museu da Amanha) with Rio& Learn was an incredible experience to understand how humanity has reached this point in our history while providing insights into the changes we have wrought on this earth. It did as many of my experiences have in Brazil reshaped how I think about the relationship between man and his environment. Visiting this part of Rio with a group of individuals who were eager and humanity to learn about Brazilian culture and specifically Rio de Janeiro was an unparalleled experience.

Thomas Harvell-DeGolier, United States

Museu do Amanhã no Rio de Janeiro

Porto Maravilha is stunning as usual. We already know that, but our students visited this place for the first time with RioLIVE! and discovered it for themselves! The Olympic Boulevard, the drawings at the Ethnicities Wall and, last but not least, the visit inside the Museu do Amanhã. That’s why Porto Maravilha is so stunning!

Boulevard Olímpico

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