Porto Maravilha Was a Total Blast

Museu do Amanhã na Praça Mauá

Today we went to Porto Maravilha, which is near Rio’s historic and financial center. Overlooking the sea is the magnificent Museu de Amanhã (The Tomorrow Museum) that highlights the diversity of humanity and its coming global problems. We also had a chance to look at some of the imagined global solutions for climate change through sustainable living, agriculture, and energy. Of course, we had to get photos next to the classic windows that overlook the bay! Then we went to some bars nearby, which have a lot of nightlife. We listened to some music, chatted, laughed, and had a great night!

Benjamín Gracia, United States

Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro

RioLIVE! Porto Maravilha was a total blast… We experienced a unique mix of culture and nature. At Museu do Amanhã there was a high tech exhibition about the course humanity is taking which made us reflect on our choices in life and the impact our actions have. Outside the museum, the most breathtaking view of the sun setting down to the Guanabara bay in all its glory! It was total blast and a really special experience.

Sunset at Museum of Tomorrow

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Mural das Etnias na Praça Mauá

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