Porto Maravilha with the Family

Tomándonos una foto en frente del Museo del Mañana en el Puerto Maravilla con la Familia.

Yesterday my family and I had the opportunity to visit the Port Maravilha.  My family rode the Metro for the first time and walked around the “centro” of Rio. Igor explained some of Brazil’s history on the way to the port.  We really enjoyed the Museu do Amanhã.  We had a great experience!

Guillermo Rojas, United States

Guillermo and his family doing the Ecological Footprint test at Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.
Guillermo and his family doing the Ecological Footprint test

If your family is coming to Rio for the first time, you need to show the around. As it was Guillermo’s third visit to the Marvelous City, he invited his family to join us on our RioLIVE! They didn’t speak Portuguese but Guillermo did a great job as a tour guide and eve though he is just a student, he looked like a teacher. He had a great time at Porto Maravilha with the family and all students that came along are part of his family now!

If you go to our Facebook page you will find all the pictures we took at Porto Maravilha with the family!

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Great view f the Guanabara bay from inside Museu do Amanhã
Porto Maravilha with the family and what a big family!

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