Portuary Zone

28 de July de 2017

Portuary Zone. Beautiful painting made for the Olympics.
Portuary Zone. Beautiful painting made for the Olympics.

On Wednesday, I joined the RioLIVE! activity going to the Porto Maravilha.Β  My favorite part was seeing the wall of murals painted for the Rio Olympics.Β  Since I am a painter, I was very interested to see the murals – and their impact is stunning.Β  The colors and faces were beautiful and powerful.Β  After, we went out for drinks as a group and talked further about the day and shared our backgrounds.

Jessica Rassp, United States.

I love Rio.
I love Rio.

The New Portuary zone of Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most visited places of the Marvelous City. This entire region of the City has been rebuilt and is a great option to have a nice afternoon.
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We walked around the Museum of Tomorrow and took the opportunity to talk about sustainability vocabulary. Then we walked to the big murals and took lots of pictures. In order to finish our RioLIVE! very well! Nothing better than a cold beer.
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