Portuguese and The Botanic Garden

Our students really liked this fountain

Our students really liked this fountain

Visitez le jardin botanique a été une très bonne expérience. L’endroit est tout à fait calme et paisible, là, je pourrais avoir un contact avec la nature, pratiquer mon portugais avec mes camarades de classe et la meilleure partie a été de pouvoir être en contact avec les singes qui vivent dans la forêt, était très spécial!

Meggie Brandão, France.

One of the beautiful views that our students had

One of the beautiful views that our students had

The Botanic Garden (Jardim Botânico) is the perfect place to go if you want more contact with nature, breath fresh air and runaway from hustle and bustle of the big city. Located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, The Botanic Garden was originally created by the king John VI of Portugal and the place shelters a big variety of plants and flowers of more than 6.500 different species.

Our students from France, United States, Germany, The Netherlands and England had the experience of visiting this place in this RioLIVE! First they started the visit taking a nice walk through the place and meeting the different kind of plants that are inside the garden, they also enjoyed the fact of breathing some fresh air and not listening the daily noise of Rio de Janeiro, the best part of our visit was when some monkeys that live inside the place showed up and got really close to our students and the other visitors. They could take a lot of pictures and have nice conversations in Portuguese besides enjoying the views of some different parts of The Botanic Garden.

We finished our visit having a nice conversation in front of the lake and also taking pictures in front of the old fountain (since they really liked this fountain). In the end our students were really happy with this activity because many of them didn’t know much information about The Botanic Garden and because of that, they could visit this important place in Rio. How about you? Would like to try our RioLIVE! Activities and be there next time?

Our students know how to do really good poses!

Our students know how to do really good poses!







Our students loved this little guy

Our students loved this little guy







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