Portuguese AR verbs

6 de March de 2013

Hello my friends of A Dica do Dia! In this Dica, we will take a look at one of the most important parts of our Portuguese grammar: the regular verbs. But today focus on the Portuguese AR verbs, and the rules we have for using them. You will check out the pronunciation for each type of ending, examples, and also a Portuguese AR verbs list! Don’t forget to do the exercise by the end of the lesson and keep learning Portuguese!

AR Verbs in Portuguese

Today, we are going to talk about AR verbs in PortugueseThey are part of the three conjugation types we have in Portuguese, the verbs ending in -ar, -er and -ir. Today, we will take a look at the regular verbs in the present tense ending in -ar. You can also take a closer look at the irregular verbs.

In general, the verbs ending in -ar are regular, the only exceptions are the verbs Estar and Dar.

Present AR verbs in Portuguese. Conjugation of the verbs ending in -ar in Present: estudar, falar e morar.

Pronunciation of Portuguese AR Verbs 

To help you study and improve your pronunciation, below is a table with the verb perguntar conjugated in all tenses in the Present Indicative form. Listen to all of them and practice saying it!

Eu perguntoI ask
VocΓͺ perguntaYou ask
Ele/ela perguntaHe/she/it asks
NΓ³s perguntamosWe ask
VocΓͺs perguntamYou ask
Eles/elas perguntamThey ask

Notice that each person group has a specific termination. This will help you understand how to conjugate these verbs.

Portuguese AR Verbs List

If you want to learn the complete conjugation of these verbs, just click on the verbs to access it! There is a lot to learn!

AcharTo find / To think
AcreditarTo believe
AmarTo love
AndarTo walk
BeijarTo kiss
CantarTo sing
ChamarTo call
ComeçarTo start
ComprarTo buy
CostumarTo be used to
DançarTo dance
DeixarTo allow / To let
EncontrarTo find
EntrarTo enter
EstudarTo study
FalarTo speak
FicarTo stay
FumarTo smoke
Gostar deTo like
LavarTo wash
LigarTo call
MorarTo live
MudarTo move / To change
NadarTo swim
OdiarTo hate
PerguntarTo ask
PintarTo paint
PrecisarTo need
TirarTo remove
TomarTo take
UsarTo use
ViajarTo travel


Eu gosto de estudar PortuguΓͺs no Brasil
like to study Portuguese in Brasil.

Ele estuda na Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro.
He studies at the Rio de Janeiro State University.

Ela fala muito alto.
She speaks too loudly.

NΓ³s lavamos nossas roupas.
We do our laundry.

VocΓͺs gostam de sair Γ  noite?
Do you like to go out at night?

Elas nΓ£o tomam cafΓ©.
They don’t drink coffee.

NΓ³s estamos aprendendo PortuguΓͺs em 30 dias.
We are learning Portuguese in 30 days.

Now it’s your turn!

That’s it, we have just seen the Portuguese AR Verbs! See you in the next Dica!

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