Portuguese at Colombo

Fun at bakery Colombo.

Fun at Colombo’s Bakery.


Chikage shibata, Japan.
Portuguese at Colombo.

Portuguese at Colombo.

Over one hundred years of history, Confeitaria Colombo (Colombo’s Bakery) is one of the main touristic places in Rio de Janeiro. With its architecture that reminds the republican beginning, the place has already been visited by many famous in people Brazil. Such as: Chiquinha GonzagaOlavo BilacRui BarbosaVilla-LobosLima BarretoGetúlio Vargas e Juscelino Kubitschek.
We left Copacabana and went by metro until Largo da Carioca, where the students could see a little bit about the history of Rio de Janeiro. When we arrived at the bakery, some students felt home because the place really reminds Europe. Many people consider the bakery a small piece of Europe downtown.

It was a great opportunity for them to know Brazilian and Portuguese sweets. Besides that, we talked a lot in Portuguese and we enjoyed a typical afternoon in the city, since many people go there to eat or for some coffee. Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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