Portuguese on the beach

Portuguese on the beach

Volleyball Copacabana Rio & Learn
Our Portuguese students ready to play some beach volley.

우리의 Rio LIVE! 이번주 화요일에는 비치볼을 해서 정말 즐거웠어요! 날씨가 조금 흐렸지만 우리는 상관하지 않고 즐겁게 놀았어요. 다섯명씩 두 팀으로 나워서 2시간 넘게 플레이했어요. 우리 학생들은 미국, 베네수엘라, 우크라이나, 중국, 독일, 콜롬비아, 오스트리아, 스위스 그리고 한국인들로, 그들은 매우 피곤했지만 모두 이기고 싶어서 열심히 경기에 임했습니다.

Jungmin An, South Korea.

Having with our RioLIVE!

 Our RioLIVE! on this Tuesday were funny beach volley matches. We didn’t care about the cloudy weather and walked until Copacabana Beach to practice some sport and have fun. We formed two groups of five people and we played for more than 2 hours with a very nice technical level.

Our students from United States, Venezuela, Ukraine, China, Germany, Colombia, Austria, Switzerland and South Korea were very tired, but everybody wanted to win. Then, nobody gave up until the last match. There were intense matches , but in the end, it didn’t matter who won or who lost, but the important part was that eveybody had fun and practiced their Portuguese.
We must also say that we had students from three different continents: America, Europe and Asia. If you are looking for practicing some Portuguese along with having fun, Rio & Learn is your place taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.








Playing volleyball by RioLIVE!

Portuguese students playing Volleball

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