Our Portuguese Classes

Portuguese Classes in Rio de Janeiro

There are many different ways to learn a new language but the most effective way is to be immersed into it. Our Portuguese classes in Rio de Janeiro will help you improve your Portuguese really fast and you’ll feel motivated to speak more and more each day. At Rio & Learn you can find a family atmosphere that encourages you to practice, even when not in class, by chatting about any subject in Portuguese. For you to fully understand our Portuguese classes in Brazil have a look at these three different points:

Our methodology

Our Portuguese lessons in Rio de Janeiro always maintain the following principles. These simple, yet effective, principles are set out to ensure that the student is independent in a new culture as quickly as possible. Let’s see:

1. The classes are based on the Funlearning method, seeking enjoyment while learning. This is based on evidence that enjoyable activities help us record and remember information better.

2. Student participation: Our teachers encourage and engage all the students to participate and to be active in their class.

3. Initiate conversation: Our objective is to produce classes that get students talking. Real conversation accelerates language learning by assimilating it to our feelings and actual thoughts.

4. Not translated: Our Portuguese classes in Rio are never translated into another language. We coach our students to handle and express themselves in real life, where native speakers do not usually know a word of the student’s native language.

5. Simulate real life: Our teachers provoke real life situations to provide students with the language tools to manage in different social environments.

6. Real exercises, in real life: We develop activities where students have to interact and converse with native speakers outside the classroom. This helps our students not only to learn to communicate as quickly as possible but also to lose any shame or fear of speaking with natives.


Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7



Maximum 6 students



Big screens, Slides and on line material



Get the right accent




Don’t pay for any class

Our classes and structure

Classrooms at Rio & Learn are well equipped with the technology needed to speed up your learning. Also, we will send all the material you study to your email for you to refer to, absolutely free. But of course you won’t be sitting in the class all the time! If you want to learn how to talk about fruits, we’ll have a class in a typical fruit market and you’ll practice with the vendor and learn more vocabulary. We’ll take you to real places to practice with real people. This builds confidence in speaking and prepares you to go out and make new Brazilian friends.

Our Portuguese lessons in Rio de Janeiro are constantly adapted to our students needs. Both in our group and in our private classes we carefully choose the lessons. We plan and schedule the group lessons every week according to the students we have in it and their weekly evolution. So you won’t be stuck at a level that is not yours, as often happens in many schools. This customized planning makes it possible for the students to make the most out of their classes.

The private classes at Rio & Learn are planned day by day with the student. Even though there is a previously created schedule of lessons, there is high flexibility to make changes. This helps the students improve more efficiently.

Customized classes

Flexible planning



Students from the University of Pittsburgh enjoying their Portuguese Classes in Brazil.
Portuguese teacher explaining Australian student. Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Student from Sweden having fun during the Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Portuguese classes with technology to improve the learning process.
Classes in the real environment with real life situations.

Family atmosphere

The teachers will be by your side during the whole learning process. They give you the tools you need to learn Portuguese and motivate you to use them in and out of class. This connects perfectly to our Livelearning method where you learn new things at every possible moment. You can have a cup of a delicious Brazilian coffee during the break between classes, and use this perfect moment to have a relaxed Portuguese conversation with the other students and your teachers.

Here at Rio & Learn there is not that cold distance between teacher and students. This has naturally created a family atmosphere where you are going to meet amazing people and make friends for life and not only on Facebook!




Our evaluation and progress check

At Rio & Learn the students are more important than the lessons. That means that our priority is to make our students develop as fast as possible. When having Portuguese classes in Brazil, for most language schools, students need to go through a fixed sequence of lessons before moving to the next level. You are stuck to a summary and need to go through every lesson in an specific order. That can slow you down and prevent you from advancing, especially if you learn faster than other students.

First of all, at Rio & Learn you are always going to study lessons that match your level of Portuguese. If you are a total beginner, you are going to learn the basics of Portuguese either in private or group classes. However, if you already speak some Portuguese, we’ll choose different lessons for you. This is done through a level test you take before you start studying. But in our classes you are going to advance according to your performance and personal learning speed.

Steps of your development
  1. Do the level test
  2. Start your classes
  3. Show progress
  4. Move to the next level
Students from Sweden and Canada having Portuguese Classes in Brazil.
Students from Norway and Mexico learning Portuguese and having Fun.
Learn Portuguese and have fun in Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Student from Colombia having Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Students having a lesson about supermarket vocabulary at a real supermarket.

Start your Portuguese classes in Brazil

Once you start your classes, you are going to advance according to your performance and how fast you learn. If our students demonstrate they can use certain vocabulary or grammar, we have the flexibility of bringing them new topics to learn. This accelerates the process and makes our students more independent in a shorter period of time.

Don’t worry about exams, they don’t prepare you for the real world. Our Portuguese classes in Brazil have a daily evaluation system in which our teachers are going to analyze the progress of each student at the end of each class. Different students learn in different paces, so if you are a fast student, there is no point in holding you back. On the other hand, if you need to go slower, we will reinforce the areas where you haven’t yet achieved fluency and you’ll learn at your own pace. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in class to keep talking and don’t feel shy or intimidated. We need you to have fun in order for you embrace the language. You can go through beginner, intermediate or advanced levels in a short time or spend a more time on each level before moving up.

If you take a bit longer or have difficulties, don’t worry. Talk to us! We listen to our students and help them get where they want to go. Learning a new language can sometimes be difficult, but you don’t need to rush, right? All you need to do is relax and enjoy your classes.

In our Portuguese classes in Rio de Janeiro you are going to learn what you need and will be able to speak Portuguese sooner.