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Portuguese Classes in Rio de Janeiro

Our Portuguese classes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil always meet the following principles.
These simple, yet effective, principles set out to ensure that the student is independent in a new culture as quickly as possible.

The classes are based on the method Funlearning, seeking enjoyment while learning. This is based on evidence that enjoyable activities help us record and remember information better.

Student participation: Our teachers encourage and engage all the students to participate and to be active in their class.

Initiate conversation: Our objective is to produce classes that get students talking. Real conversation accelerates language learning by assimilating it to our feelings and actual thoughts.

Not translated: Our classes are never translated into another language. We coach our students to handle and express themselves in real life, where native speakers do not usually know of word of the student’s native language.

Simulate real life: Our teachers provoke real life situations to provide students with the language tools to manage in different social environments.

Real exercises, in real life: We develop activities where students have to interact and converse with native speakers outside the classroom. This helps our students not only to learn to communicate as quickly as possible but also to lose any shame or fear of speaking with natives.


Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7

Small Groups

Maximum 6 students

Technology Classrooms

Big screens, Slides and on line material

Native Teachers

Get the right accent

Free Material & Enrollment

Don’t pay for any class material

Students from the University of Pittsburgh enjoying their Portuguese Classes in Brazil.
Portuguese teacher explaining Australian student. Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Student from Sweden having fun during the Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Portuguese classes with technology to improve the learning process.
Students from Sweden and Canada having Portuguese Classes in Brazil.
Students from Norway and Mexico learning Portuguese and having Fun.
Learn Portuguese and have fun in Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese classes in Brazil.
Student from Colombia having Portuguese classes in Brazil.