Portuguese Courses in Brazil

All our Portuguese courses and classes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are based on our methodologies Funlearning and Livelearning to make our students feel completely immersed and learn Portuguese faster. We have different kinds of courses, from group classes for a cheaper price, to full day intensive immersion course for learning Portuguese faster, as well as private classes to learn at your own pace and Business Courses to learn Business Portuguese and Brazilian corporate culture. We always recommend that you combine our Portuguese language courses with our free RioLIVE! Activities where you will keep talking Portuguese with a teacher while you discover Rio de Janeiro. See all our Portuguese courses and lessons in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil below:

Rio & Learn inGroup Course

One of our Portuguese courses in Brazil is the Rio & Learn inGroup. This is the most popular course at Rio & Learn for students who come to Brazil for a few weeks or months and want to learn Portuguese while enjoying our “Cidade Maravilhosa”.  As an ideal complement to your Portuguese lessons, you can attend RioLIVE! activities which allow you to “live” the city and Brazil’s culture.

Rio & Immersion

This course is perfect for people who may not have too much time in Brazil or Rio de Janeiro yet want to learn Portuguese quickly.

This is an intensive Portuguese course in Rio de Janeiro with a teacher exclusive to you. With the teacher, you will have the freedom to leave our school and move around the city, and experience learning in and through a multitude of environments. This stimulus generates vocabulary and lexis much faster, and the evolving communications and the language generated relate directly to your experience.

You can choose having 8 hour classes per day or 6 hours per day. Learn more about this amazing immersion experience here. The course includes lunch with the teacher every day. You just have to pay for the trips, so you can travel around and explore your interests while learning.
You can combine your intensive Portuguese course in Rio de Janeiro with the RioLIVE! activities with prior agreement about the timetable with the school.


Are you a manager or business professional with a limited amount of free time? Or do you simply need to learn Portuguese quickly? Then this is the right course for you!

It is an intensive immersion course where you learn to talk about your own company or business in various social settings. Supervised by a dedicated teacher, this immersion is tailored to your specific needs with regards to business communication.

The course is ideal for developing professional Portuguese communication skills, and for discovering the cultural side of Brazilian corporate culture. Our teacher can accompany you to places of your choice in Rio. This way, you’ll learn expressions, phrases, and vocabulary while being immersed in real-life situations, such as your own company or workplace.

You can choose between 8 or 6 hour classes per day. Learn more about our LiveBusiness! Immersion Portuguese course here.

Even though other trips or activities are not included, you can certainly combine this with our RioLIVE! activities or RioONLINE! activities if it fits in your schedule.

Private Portuguese Classes

Private tuition at Rio & Learn’s school or in the neighbourhood, which offers you flexibility to choose when to study from 8am to 9am and 2pm to 8pm (weekdays).

The student agrees upon the schedule and study programme in advance. You can have complete flexibility in scheduling the classes, only limited to not changing the hour of class on the same day.

Learn Portuguese Online!

If you want to learn Portuguese online instead, we’ve got you covered too! We offer all different types of courses, depending on what you prefer! Check out our online courses below:


Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7



Maximum 6 students



Big screens, Slides and online material



Get the right accent




Don’t pay for any class

Other Important Info about our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro

Every hour of group lessons is 55 minutes.
In Rio & Learn programs:

If you have any other questions about our Portuguese courses in Brazil, please visit our FAQ section, or for inquiries not covered there you can contact us directly through our contact page.




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