Portuguese Courses

Want to learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro or online? Good, you’ve come to the right place to learn all about the best Portuguese language school in Rio! Our school offers Portuguese courses that completely immerse our students, so they learn Portuguese faster. We believe that is the most efficient way of learning a language, and it’s fun at the same time! (Check out our methodologies Funlearning and Livelearning.) We offer all types of courses, from online group courses for a lower price, to in-person Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro! Looking for an online Portuguese course with a certificate? You will receive a certificate at the end of ALL of our course cycles.

We always recommend that, while following our online courses, you join our free RioONLINE! Activities. Here you’ll continue to talk Portuguese with a teacher and other students while you have fun, learn faster, and make new friends along the way! Check out all of our Portuguese courses below:

Online Portuguese Classes

The online classes are the latest addition to our Portuguese courses. You can learn the language and get a taste of Brazil, but from the comfort of your own home or workspace.

You will learn Portuguese, and simultaneously discover a lot about Brazilian culture and everything related to this beautiful country.

Furthermore, you can choose the time of your private classes and schedule from 8 am to 8 pm (Rio time) from Monday through Friday. You can schedule classes with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours per class, with class bundles starting at 5 hours.

Online Portuguese Course – Group Classes

With this course you can learn Portuguese without leaving your home, but still practice with people from around the world! A native Portuguese language teacher will guide these small groups, which  consist of just 2-6 people. This online Portuguese course is available from Monday to Friday (full-time) or 2 days a week (part-time).

What if I want to learn Portuguese in Rio?

Don’t worry! We have everything you need if you want to come to Brazil and learn Portuguese in-person. Take a look at our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro:


  • Portuguese for Business: Do you work in Brazil but still need to master Portuguese? Or do you plan to work here in Rio? We offer both online and in-person Portuguese business courses that teach you everything you need to know, from answering emails to negotiating deals. There is no excuse to take strict, joyless classes! If you study with us, you’ll learn to confidently speak Portuguese with your colleagues or clients while having fun in the meantime!

Interested in any of our courses? Take a look at all of our available courses in Rio de Janeiro!


Learn while you have fun


Speak like a true Brazilian!



Maximum 6 students



Travel to Brazil without leaving your country!



Get the right accent




Don’t pay for any class

Please Remember

  • In weeks with one national holiday, your classes will be compensated through adding one or two hours to every other class that week. If there are two or more national holidays in the same week, there will be no group classes.
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of both our in-person and our online Portuguese courses.
  • If you have any other questions about our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro or our online Portuguese courses, please visit our FAQ section. If you have any further inquiries about studying Portuguese in Rio, you can contact us directly via our contact page.