Portuguese Exclamations

2 de April de 2019

Hello people! Ready for another Dica?
Today we are going to study Portuguese Exclamations. Portuguese Exclamations are sentences that we use to express wonder, admiration, surprise, compassion, or feelings in general.

Portuguese Exclamations

Que bom! How good!
Que ótimo! That’s great!
Que bonito! How beautiful!
Que nojento! That’s disgusting!
Que estranho! How strange!
Que engraçado! How funny!
Que legal! That’s nice!
Que chato! How boring!
Que gostoso! How delicious!
Que coincidência! What a coincidence!
Que chuva! It’s raining a lot!
Que sol! It’s sunny!
Que pena! What a shame!
Que casa! What a house!
Que vento! It’s windy!
Que sorte! How lucky!
Que boa ideia! What a good idea!
Que fome! I am so hungry!
Que sede! I am so thirsty!
Que saudade! I miss it so much!
Que sono! / Que cansaço! I am so tired!
Que saco! What a pain in the ass!
Que merda! That’s shit!
Que coisa! How funny!

Portuguese Exclamations Structure

These sentences start with the word QUE and are followed by an adjective or a noun. It’s interesting that the exclamations can be understood without the addition of other sentences; they have a complete meaning.

Expressing compassion

We can use the exclamation Que pena! to express compassion to someone or a situation. If you really want to go to the beach, but it suddenly starts raining you can say: Que pena! Or, if you want to use a bad word, you can say: Que merda!

Expressing personal necessities 

We can also use exclamations to express personal necessities. Pretend you are under these circumstances:

  • If you woke up too early today and you need to get some sleep: Que sono! or Que cansaço!
  • If it’s already 13:00 and last time you ate was at 08:00 so you are starving: Que fome!
  • You are really thirsty and need to drink some water: Que sede!

Expressing wonder

It is possible to express wonder with the exclamations too. Check out how:

  • Cristo Redentor is so beautiful… We can’t even believe that it’s real. Que lindo! Que incrível! Que bonito!
  • The water at the beach is refreshing… Que delícia!
  • My friend wants to learn Portuguese in 30 days. Que rápido!

Expressing surprise

If you want to express surprise with Portuguese Exclamations you can say Que coincidência! or Que coisa! Que bom! Que pena!
Let’s use our imagination:

  • You just arrived at work and your boss has the same t-shirt as you! Que coincidência!
  • You just received your pay check. Que bom!
  • A number that you don’t know is calling you all day long. Que coisa!

Expressing disgust

You can also express disgust with the exclamations: Que nojento! Que estranho! Que chato! for example:

  • There was a cockroach inside my closet. Que nojento!
  • I slept 8 hours but I didn’t sleep well: Que estranho!

Que foda in Portuguese

The exclamation Que foda! can be tricky because it can have two meanings. Brazilian people use it a lot, but it can mean that something is good or that something is bad so pay attention to the context of the sentence. Look at the examples:

  • Juliana can do it all: she writes, sings, dances, and paints. Que foda!
  • Yesterday John was fired. Que foda!
  • He got his Brazilian student visaQue foda!

Interjections and Exclamations in Portuguese

Finally, some exclamations can also be interjections. For example, if you hit your toe against the wall you can say Merda! or Que merda! To learn more about the Interjections in Portuguese check out our Dica about Interjections.

These are some ways of creating and using Portuguese Exclamations. Also, if you use QUE + some words you can create your own exclamation in Portuguese: que divertido!

What exclamations can you use to describe your day?

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