Portuguese Expressions with Ter. Ele tem fé nesse chute.

Do you know any Portuguese Expressions With Ter? Such as most Brazilian expressions, they’re all too funny and useful, so let’s take a look at them here at our A Dica do Dia!

Verb Ter

We use the verb Ter in Portuguese when we want to talk about a possession or feeling.


Eu tenho 20 reais.
I have 20 reais.


Do que você tem medo?
What are you afraid of?

Take a look at more examples at our Dica about the Verb Ter.

So what does it have to do with expressions? Well! When accompanied by certain terms in Portuguese, they create an expression about something. Take a look at some of them next:

Portuguese Expressions With Ter

  • Ter tesão (Being horny)

Let’s start with something to boil our blood! It’s really simple, really. When you’re horny, you tem tesão.

Eu tenho muito tesão na Anitta.
I’m so horny at Anitta.


  • Ter dó (to feel pity)

When you’re walking down the street and you find that little dog, in the rain with a sad face looking straight into your soul, all you can think at that moment is Tenha . Have mercy on this little soul.

O mundo inteiro teve do Brasil no jogo contra a Bélgica.
The entire world felt pity for Brazil at the game against Belgium. 


  • Ter fé (Have faith)

Sometimes, when you’re watching your favorite soccer team play and all seems lost, everything can turn out just fine if you just tem fé.

Tenha fé, cara! No segundo tempo a gente empata com eles!
Have faith, dude! We’ll get a draw on half time!


  • Ter vergonha (Be ashamed)

You’re doing something very wrong and you know it, you should ter vergonha!

Luciano: Ei, Igor! Eu saí com aquela garota noite passada, foi incrível.
Igor: Espera… Você não tem namorada?
Luciano: Sim… Eu tenho.
Igor: Você devia ter vergonha!
Luciano: Hey, Igor! I went out with that girl last night, it was amazing.
Igor: Wait… Don’t you have a girlfriend?
Luciano: Yes… I do.
Igor: You should be ashamed!


  • Ter medo (Being afraid)

No one is made of iron, right? Everyone has a fear of something, and that’s totally okay! In Portuguese Ter Medo is normal!

Você não tem medo de andar à noite sozinho?
Aren’t you scared of walking alone at night?


  • Ter inveja (Being jealous)

As I kid, we all had that friend with something we wanted. We looked at him full of jealously, we tínhamos inveja!

Eu acho que ele tem muita inveja de você!
I think he’s really jealous of you!


Okay, guys. So that’s it! Now that you know all these great Portuguese Expressions With Ter, why not practice them here in Rio de Janeiro?

See you soon at our next A Dica do Dia here at Rio & Learn!

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