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Business Portuguese Courses

With a market of over 210 million Portuguese-speaking people (the world’s sixth most populous country), Brazil is the best place to learn Portuguese for Business.

Being one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, Brazil is a gigantic potential market filled with exciting business opportunities. It is part of the BRIC countries, but stands out since it is considered to be the least restrictive or intrusive among them. It is relatively easy to conduct business, and every day new companies and executives come to Brazil to start or expand their operations. Consequently, every day the Portuguese language gains more prominence worldwide.

Are you working for a Brazilian company? Or would you like to tap into a huge potential market? We offer both online and in-person Portuguese business courses that teach you everything you need to know: from answering emails to negotiating deals, and from discussing ideas with your peers to navigating Brazilian corporate culture. If you study with us, you’ll learn to confidently speak Portuguese with your colleagues and your clients. Sounds good?

Rio & Learn offers courses tailored to the companies’ and executives’ needs, since they take into account a high degree of efficiency and flexibility. We therefore provide the following kinds of Portuguese for Business Courses:

Learn à la Carte Hours: Portuguese for Business

Do you think that you need to be in Rio to learn Portuguese? No, not at all. You can stay in your country and study the language and culture of Brazil from afar. You can follow this Business Portuguese course from the comfort of your own home or workplace. If you do come to Rio, you can furthermore choose to continue with online lessons or switch to in-person classes. Read more about these classes here.

These lessons can be wherever and whenever you want. You have complete flexibility to control your schedule up to one day before the class. 

Hours can be tailored around your schedule.​

  Classes can be either online or in different locations in Rio de Janeiro.

If you are in Rio, RioLIVE! activities are included!

If you are not in Rio, you can participate in our RioONLINE activities!


Do you work in Rio? Or do you plan to come here to work? LiveBusiness! is perfect for business managers or professionals who have little free time but who need to learn Portuguese quickly while in Rio.

This course is an intensive immersion course where you learn to talk about your own company or business in general in various social settings. Supervised by a dedicated teacher, this immersion is tailored to the student’s specific needs with regards to business communication.

Working in Brazil can be very different compared to working in your home country. In our LiveBusiness! course we’ll show you how Brazilians act in the workplace. We’ll teach you the local customs, and how to interact with Brazilian colleagues and clients. The course is ideal for developing professional Portuguese communication skills, and for discovering the cultural side of Brazilian corporate culture.

Our teacher can even go to your workplace in Rio. This way, you’ll learn while being immersed in real-life situations. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and see the beautiful landscapes in Rio! 

What does it include?

A teacher from a professional background, dedicated to you.

40 hours of immersion per week, 8 hours a day (or 30h/week, 6h/day).

Lunch with the teacher.

Click here to learn more about our LiveBusiness! course.

Even though other trips or activities are not included, you can certainly combine this with our RioLIVE! activities or RioONLINE! activities if it fits in your schedule.

student and teacher having a class in one of our portuguese classes for business

Portuguese Classes for Business

Do you prefer private, personalized classes tailored to business professionals? Then this is the package for you!

These classes are taught both online or in-person at your workplace. During those lessons, you will develop Portuguese business communication skills, as well as acquire vocabulary and expressions related to your own profession. You have complete flexibility to schedule the classes at any time, from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. That way you don’t have to worry about the time difference between your country and Brazil.

Schedules are arranged with the school in advance, at least one day before the actual class. The only restriction is that you cannot change the time of your class on the very same day. Learn more about these classes here.

Packages start from 10 hours.

You can book as many hours as you need.

Classes either at your work place (always the same location) or online.

RioONLINE activities and RioLIVE! activities are included!


Have you ever wanted to combine practicing your langauge skills with simply having fun? Then look no further, because that is exactly why we also offer RioLIVE! and RioONLINE! Activities.

RioONLINE! is an opportunity for those who can’t come to Rio to still get a taste of Brazil! We hold meetings where students can interact between themselves and our teachers in Portuguese. These meetings involve lots of fun, games, interesting conversations, and much more. This makes it much easier to become fluent as soon as possible!

RioLIVE! is a series of activities held in Rio de Janeiro. The objective is to practice Portuguese while getting to know the best places throughout Rio! You will visit museums, beaches, tourist attractions, and some hidden gems not usually frequented by the average tourist. In order to feel completely immersed into our culture, you can also do some typically Brazilian activities! After all, you are not a tourist anymore if you are studying with us: you are a Brazilian-to-be!

Foreiners visiting Chirst the Redeemer


Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7



Don’t pay for any class material



Big screens, Slides and on line material



Get the right accent




Conduct business in



All these options are tailored around a student’s specific area of business and real-life business communication situations.

During these courses, students learn about the manners and customs specific to Brazilian corporate culture as well as gain valuable insights into the Brazilian business world.

You’ll be able to connect what you learn in class with day-to-day situations at your work. These courses are tailored around your own needs, and adjusted to your work routine.