Portuguese for Travelers

Why Learn Portuguese for Travelers?

When we travel it is very important to know a little about the culture of the place that we are visiting, right? So learning the language is a big step and it will help you a lot. With that in mind, we are going to learn some Portuguese for Travelers vocabulary, so you can travel to Brazil knowing some stuff! Do you know how to say “Have a good trip” in Portuguese?

When you come to Brazil you must be prepared and know at least basic Portuguese for travel. We don’t want you to get uncomfortable because you can’t ask where the bathroom is in Portuguese! Don’t forget to check out our (Which you can learn here).
Once you’re here you’ll need to greet people and be polite, right? Here you can learn the greetings in Portuguese. Arrive at the airport already saying OLÁ, TUDO BEM? and feeling great that you can communicate!

So, prepare yourself and let’s learn a little vocabulary today so you can communicate during your trip to Brazil!

What do you think about learning MORE Portuguese and arriving at Brazil even more prepared? Study online with us!

Do you prefer to study in the marvelous city while sipping caipirinhas? Come learn in-person with us!

Lista de Vocabulário (Vocabulary List)

Have a Good Trip While Learning Portuguese!

It’s important to say that in Portuguese the word gringo is not used as an offensive word, it’s pretty common actually. Brazilians use the the word gringo as a synonym to foreign. That is, we call everyone who’s not Brazilian: gringo.

Take a look at how we say excuse me in Portuguese so you can be polite and respectful when you travel in Portuguese.

Brazilian food is amazing, you can learn here how to talk to the waiter and restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese. Not all restaurants have English speaking waiters… And to help you have a good trip, here are some Brazilian drinks and famous Brazilian foods. If you don’t know any of these, I highly recommend drinking mate and eating feijoada.

How often do you travel? Come to our city and get know Rio de Janeiro. We’ll teach you basic Portuguese for tourists or if you’d like to stay longer we’ll teach you all the Portuguese you’ll ever need to know!

Ready to study Portuguese?

If you want to develop your Portuguese and come to Brazil for tourism, we have just the right courses for you. From online courses that you can take anywhere in the world, to in-person courses in Rio de Janeiro: you will for sure learn Portuguese whatever is your choice! Take a look below at the courses we have selected for you to really learn Portuguese for Travelers!

Want to arrive already knowing the language?

Obviously we can help you out with our online Portuguese classes! These are designed for you to learn from wherever you are, with native teachers while having fun! Don’t worry about having any difficulties with softwares and materials: logging into your class is super easy and all our material is online and intuitive. You will have a native teacher to guide your learning process, and also RioONLINE! activities to develop your Portuguese outside the classroom. You can ask your teacher to focus on Portuguese for Travelers content, to address all your needs!

Want to learn Portuguese while traveling in Rio?

Undoubtedly! Have a good trip while you learn Portuguese in-person, so you won’t feel like another regular tourist! First, you can select how many weeks you want to study with us, and second, choose from having a getting to know Rio de Janeiro with your own teacherprivate classes or group classes! And we can also ever offer you accommodation options and free activities to get to know Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian culture! Your traveling will be so much easier with our help! And we are sure you will feel like home from the instant you arrive at the airport.

Want to stay for a longer period?

Indeed, don’t fret, dear! We can help you out with 6-month or 1-year student visa! This way, you can get to know Rio (and even Brazil itself!) while you really learn Portuguese for a longer period.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE Additional Programs

Surf Weeks

Surf Weeks is an amazing addition to the Rio sun! Come learn to surf in our incredible ocean, make friends and also learn Portuguese on one of the most famous beaches on Earth!

Samba Weeks

Samba Weeks is an amazing opportunity to learn samba while also learning Portuguese! Enjoy our exclusive class with native teachers who will give you a real taste of Brazil!

Climbing Weeks

Climbing Weeks is one of our exclusive programs for adrenaline junkies! Come with us and enjoy not only this incredible activity, but also the incomparable view of Rio!

Capoeira Weeks

Capoeira Weeks is one of our additional programs that allows you to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture. Come with us to learn this amazing fight that also resembles a dance!