Portuguese For Travelers

22 de November de 2016

Pack your things and let’s learn Portuguese for travelers! In today’s Dica we’re learning everything you need to have a good trip in Portuguese! Ready?

Learn Portuguese for travelers

When we travel is very important to know a little about the culture of the place that we are visiting, right? So learning the language is a big step and it will help you a lot. With that in mind, in today’s lesson we are going to learn vocabulary for  traveling in Portuguese. Come study Portuguese in Brazil and we’ll show you the best spots in Rio!

When you come to Brazil you must be prepared and know at least basic Portuguese for travel. We don’t want you to have to cross your legs because you can’t ask where the bathroom is in Portuguese! (Which you can learn here).

Once you’re here you’ll need to greet people and be polite, right? Here you can learn the greetings in Portuguese. Arrive at the airport already saying OLÁ, TUDO BEM?

Now let’s learn some words about traveling in Portuguese:

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. To pack the bag: Fazer as malas.O

Portuguese for travelers - Camera in Portuguese: a câmera

Examples of travel vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The city map in Portuguese: O mapa da cidade.

Documents for traveling. The passport in Portuguese: O passaporte.

Important items for a trip. Touristic magazines in Portuguese: As revistas turísticas.

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. The guide book: O guia turístico.

Example of travel vocabulary in Portuguese. The tourist guide: O guia de turismo.

Important itens for a trip. The flight tickes in Portuguese: As passagens.

Vocabulary for traveling in Portuguese. The hotel: O hotel.

Hostel in Portuguese: O albergue ou O hostel.

Where to exchange money when traveling. The currency exchange in Portuguese: A casa de câmbio.

What to do during the trip. To exchange money in Portuguese: Trocar dinheiro.

Information counter. To ask for information in Portuguese: Pedir informações.

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. To call a cab / taxi: Pedir um táxi.

Places to visit during the trip. Touristic sights in Portuguese: Os pontos turísticos.

Let’s listen and repeat all the vocabulary we need to know before going to a country that speaks Portuguese!

Take a look:

Vocabulary list

Fazer as malas To pack the bags
A câmera The camera
O mapa da cidade City map
O passaporte The passport
As revistas turísticas The travel magazines
O guia turístico The guide book
O guia de turismo The tour guide
As passagens The flight tickets
O hotel The hotel
O albergue/o hostel The hostel
A casa de câmbio Currency exchange 
Trocar dinheiro To exchange money
Pedir informações Ask for information
Pedir um táxi Call a cab/taxi
Pontos turísticos Touristic attractions / sights
Roteiro de viagem Travel itinerary
Dar a volta ao mundo Travel around the world
Tirar férias Take a vacation
 Tirar fotos Take photos
Posar para foto Pose for photo
 Visitar Visit
 Conhecer Know
Desfazer as malas Unpack the bags
 Turistas Tourists
Estrangeiro/a Foreigner
Gringo Foreigner
Tenha uma boa viagem Have a good trip 

It’s important to say that in Portuguese the word gringo is not used as an offensive word, it’s pretty common actually. Brazilians use the the word gringo as a synonym to foreign. That is, we call everyone who’s not Brazilian: gringo.

Take a look at how we say excuse me in Portuguese so you can be polite and respectful when you travel in Portuguese.

Brazilian food is amazing, you can learn here how to talk to the waiter and restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese. Not all restaurants have English speaking waiters… And to help you even more, here are some Brazilian drinks and famous Brazilian foods. If you don’t know any of these, I highly recommend drinking mate and eating feijoada.

That’s it people! Now you know how to talk about travel in Portuguese.
How often do you travel? Come to our city and get know Rio de Janeiro. We’ll teach you basic Portuguese for tourists or if you’d like to stay longer we’ll teach you all the Portuguese you’ll ever need to know!

Well, if you are coming to Rio, make sure you stop by Rio & Learn.
We’ll be waiting!

Bye bye!

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