Portuguese and fun in Santa Teresa

Portuguese and fun in Santa Teresa

Portuguese and fun in Santa Teresa.
Portuguese and fun in Santa Teresa.

Vendredi nous avons visité Santa Teresa, petite excursion “tranquilo” sur les hauteurs de Rio. La vue sur la baie était “maravilhosa”. Après cela, nous avons pris un verre dans la bonne humeur et retour à Copacabana. Vraiment sympa.

Loic Leconte, Belgium.

Last Friday we had a lot of Portuguese and fun in Santa Teresa. Our RioLIVE! started at Largo do Curvelo, a meeting point in the neighborhood. The view is beautiful and we enjoyed the place and talked a little about the history of this traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

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Right after that we walked to Parque das Ruínas. An amazing place that was used as a meeting point in the past for great artists such as Villa Lobos and Tarsila do Amaral. Nowadays the old palace became a local Cultural Center. From the top of Parque das Ruínas it’s possible to have a great view of Pão de Açúcar. It’s also possible to see the Cristo, Niterói and Centro do Rio.

sam_3979-rio-learn sam_3980-rio-learn sam_3981-rio-learn sam_3982-rio-learn sam_3983-rio-learn

We ended our RioLIVE! in a perfect way we went to Bar do Mineiro, one of the most traditional bars in Santa Teresa, to have a cold beer and some delicious snacks. We took the moment to talk a lot and know each other better.

sam_3986-rio-learn sam_3987-rio-learn sam_3988-rio-learn sam_3989-rio-learn

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