Brazilian Portuguese Interjections

24 de July de 2013

What’s up, guys! Are you ok? Today in our A Dica do Dia, we are going to study Brazilian Portuguese interjections.
Let’s see some of them:

Portuguese Interjections

Afff… – Many people use it to express disapproval, dissatisfaction or impatience.

Nossa! – One of the most popular interjections in Portuguese, it indicates amazement or surprise.

Vixe Maria! – Originally from the religious expression Virgem MariaPeople use to express a surprise.

Meu Deus! – Used to show surprise or fear.

Huuuuum! – Indicates doubt, disbelief regarding something or someone.

Ué! – Very informal, but many people use it to show surprise or questioning.

Então… – Used when there’s nothing else to say, when someone wants to change the topic of the conversation or start a new talk.

Porra! – Used in many different ways, it shows surprise, astonishment, annoyance, hapiness or even excitement. This expression is used with informal contexts. Brazilians use it only with their friends.

Droga! – It has the similar usage of porra, but it has lighter impact.

Puxa vida! – Mostly used in a negative context, it is used to express anger and disappointment.

Relaxa!This is a very carioca expression used to calm people down when they are worried or angry.

Legal!  – Used to say if something, somewhere or even someone is good.

Mas que coisa!Common expression used to indicate dissatisfaction, disapproval and surprise.

Eu, hein!This expression is common when people react to an exotic or different thing/situation.

Eita! – Expresses surprise or fright.

Psiu! This expression is often used when we want to call someone’s attention or when we don’t know the name of this person

Ai! – We use this interjection to express pain.

Ufa! – Used to show relief.

Oba! / eba! – With this interjection we show excitement.

Credo! – We use this interjection when we see something weird or disgusting.

Take a look at the use of some of the Brazilian Portuguese interjections we have just learned on the dialogs below:

Dialogue 1

Brazilian Portuguese Interjections. Droga! Está chovendo.

Marcos: O que foi, Dorinha?
Dorinha: Está chovendo de novo! Não posso ir para a praia.
Marcos:  Ah, relaxa, Dorinha. Você sabe que, na cidade maravilhosa, a chuva sempre vem e vai. Você é Carioca e nunca aprende. Eu, hein!
Dorinha: Você tem razão, Marcos. Vamos esperar a chuva acabar e sair.
Marcos: Legal!

Dorinha: Dammit!
Maria: What’s the matter, Dorinha?
Dorinha t’s raining again! I can´t go to the beach.
Maria: Ah, chill out, Dorinha. You know, at the wonderful city, the rain always comes and goes. You are a Carioca and never learn. Come on!
Dorinha: You are right, Marcos. Let’s wait the rain stops and go.
Maria: Nice!

Dialogue 2

Brazilian Portuguese Interjections. Nossa! Isso é lugar de meia suja?

Filho: Manhê? Você viu minhas meias?
Mãe: Não!
FilhoPuxa! Mas, eu as deixei dentro dos meus sapatos ontem.
MãeMas que coisa! Você nunca sabe onde deixa as suas coisas, José. Meu Deus!
Filho: Achei, mãe. Estavam dentro da minha gaveta de camisas.
Mãe: Nossa! Isso é lugar de deixar meias sujas?
FilhoPuxa vida, mãe! Eu sempre sou esquecido. A senhora sabe disso.

Son: Mommy? Have you seen my socks?
Mother: No!
Son: Hunf! But, I left them inside my shoes yesterday.
Mother: That’s terrible! You never know where you leave your stuff, José. My God!
Son: I found, mom. They were inside the t-shirt’s drawer.
Mother: Wow! Is that a place to leave your dirty socks?
Son: Oh come on, mom! I am always forgetful. You know it.

Now, we know some Brazilian Portuguese interjections used in Brazil. If you want more Dicas, go to Rio & Learn website and subscribe at a Dica do Dia, there you will find more topics to study Portuguese.

So long, guys!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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