Portuguese Irregular Verbs. Eles quiseram conhecer o Pão de Açúcar.

Hi, guys! We all know Irregular Verbs are the tricky part when learning new language, right?
And we can’t memorize all of them! So come with us and let’s learn about Portuguese Irregular Verbs at today’s Dica! It will surely help you!

Portuguese Irregular Verbs

Portuguese Irregular Verbs are special cases that modify the root of a word or its ending, changing their form almost completely and leaving little to no space to rules. But, just like Regular Verbs, they too are divided into three conjugations: -AR, -ER, -IR. Let’s check it out!

Verbs Ending in -AR

Simple Past

Eu estive I was
Você esteveYou were
Ele esteveHe was
Nós estivemosWe were
Vocês estiveramYou were
Eles estiveramThey were


Eu estouI am
Você estáYou are
Ele estáHe is
Nós estamosWe are
Vocês estão You are
Eles estãoThey are


Eu estarei I will be
Você estaráYou will be
Ele estaráHe will be
Nós estaremosWe will be
Vocês estarãoYou will be
Eles estarão They will be

Take a look at some other Irregular -AR verbs:

To give
To take a walk
To hate
To sort


Eu dou aulas de Português
I give Portuguese classes

Eu estive em Salvador no ano passado!
I was in Salvador last year!

Eu passeio sempre com meu cachorro.
I always take my dog for a walk.

Verbs Ending in -ER

Simple Past

Eu fizI did
Você fezYou did
Ele fez He did
Nós fizemosWe did
Vocês fizeramYou did
Eles fizeramThey did


Eu façoI do
Você fazYou do
Ele faz He does
Nós fazemosWe do
Vocês fazemYou do
Eles fazemThey do


Eu fareiI will do
Você faráYou will do
Ele fará He will do
Nós faremos We will do
Vocês farãoYou will do
Eles farãoThey will do

Take a look at some other Portuguese Irregular Verbs with -ER:

To believe
To fit
To want
To know


Eu creio em você!
I believe in you!

Ele coube no porta-malas.
He fit in the trunk.

Eu quis saber mais.
I wanted to know more.

Eu soube pelo jornal.
I knew from the papers.

If you want to see more irregular verbs ending in -ER, take a look at our Dica of Portuguese Verb Conjugation.

Verbs ending in -IR

Simple Past

Eu pedi I asked
Você pediuYou asked
Ele pediuHe asked
Nós pedimosWe asked
Vocês pediramYou asked
Eles pediramThey asked


Eu peçoI ask
Você pedeYou ask
Ele pedeHe asks
Nós pedimosWe ask
Vocês pedemYou ask
Eles pedemThey ask


Eu pedireiI will ask
Você pediráYou will ask
Ele pediráHe will ask
Nós pediremosWe will ask
Vocês pedirãoYou will ask
Eles pedirão They will ask

Take a look at some other Portuguese Irregular Verbs ending in -IR

To cover
To laugh
To leave
To hurt


Eu ri porque foi engraçado
I laughed because it was funny

Eu agrido se me deixar com raiva.
I hurt if you make me angry.

Eu me cubro sempre que chove.
I cover myself whenever it rains.

And that’s it! Watch out for Portuguese Irregular Verbs as they can be a little tricky, but you can always come here for help!

Stay tuned for our next A Dica do Dia here at Rio & Learn, tchau tchau!

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