Portuguese Language School

Rio & Learn is a Portuguese language school in BrazilΒ that offers you a fantastic location to learn Portuguese and enjoy Rio de Janeiro. You can reach all the best points of Rio de Janeiro easily within a few minutes by bus and underground. You can reach Ipanema beach by bus, metro or bicycle in 10 minutes or, if you prefer to walk from Copacabana beach you’ll get there in about 40-50 minutes.

Have you ever studied very close to the beach? Rio & Learn is a few metres from the beach, so you can relax after your class and enjoy the world’s most famous beach, Copacabana.

Our groups are small, maximum six people, so our teachers’ attention is truly focused on your learning needs and any questions you have to clarify your understanding. For students who want to learn faster, we also offer one-to-one classes. You’ll have your own teacher and you’ll assimilate and integrate more language as we take you to different places to live real situations.

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Our Methods

To increase your learning and language awareness, our methods Funlearning, Livelearning and classes are based on encouraging conversation, participation and the classroom activities attempt to simulate real-life situations. Discover more about our courses under classes.

To make you feel comfortable, in our facilities we offer air conditioning, free wifi and a great Brazilian coffee.

We offer specialized courses to learn Portuguese for people in business. Rio & Learn have a section specialized and dedicated to serving business, and we offer in-company classes for managers or foreign workers to quickly learn Portuguese for business and enterprise purposes. See more in Portuguese For Business.

At Rio & Learn, we feel responsible for our work and we strive to improve in the things we do. Discover our philosophy to make a better world and also our solidarity program.

Need more info? Any questions? Contact us and we will quickly answer your enquiries.

Rio & Learn, learn and change the world


Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7



Maximum 6 students


Big screens, Slides and online material



Get the right accent


Don’t pay for any class material

More Info About our Portuguese Language School in Brazil

Every hour of group lessons is 55 minutes.
In Rio & Learn programs:

  • The RioLIVE! Activities are not organized directly by the school and the associated costs (i.e. costs of excursion etc., tickets for cultural visits and excursions etc.) are paid by the student. You can find out the cost of each activity at our RioLIVE! page.
  • Prices shown are in local currency (reais).
  • The Rio & Learn inGroup courses (and any weekly course) start every Monday. If a Monday falls on a national holiday, the course will begin on the next business day.

If you have any other questions about our Portuguese language school in Brazil, please visit our FAQ section, or for enquiries not covered there you can contact us directly through our contact page.

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portuguese language school: free coffee
portuguese lanugage school: air conditioning

Please Remember

  • In weeks with a national holiday, the class is recuperated in the same week by adding one (or two) hour to each class during the same week. In the event where two days of national holiday fall in the same week, we can only recuperate one day.
  • Make sure you have a valid passport or visa as applicable. Please keep up-to-date with the relevant authorities/consulates before travelling to Brazil.
  • Note that for citizens of most countries, you only need a tourist visa to study a language and you do not need a student visa. It is therefore important to state to the Brazilian authorities that the purpose of your stay is tourism if you are only planning a language study/vacation trip.
  • Make sure you have health insurance and travel cover during your stay in Brazil, and that any cover includes evacuation.
  • We are a Portuguese language school in Brazil so watch and check out the weather forecast for the different seasons so you come with the right clothes.