Portuguese Language Surfers

Surfistas da Língua Portuguesa.
Portuguese Language Surfers.
Portuguese Language Surfers.

Wir waren mit RioLIVE Stand up Paddel surfen! Am Anfang gingen wir zu Fuss bis ans Ende das Strandes. Dort konnten wir zum spezial Preis Surfbretter mieten und danach gings nach einer kurzen Instruktion ab auf Meer. Zu Beginn noch etwas instabil, paddelten wir ein paar Meter weiter raus. Von dort hatten wir waehrend des Sonnenuntergangs einen wunderschoenen Blick auf die ganze Copacabana. Im ganzen echt ein toller Ausflug!

Dominik Lichtenhahn, Switzerland

Portuguese Language Surfers.
Enjoying and practicing Portuguese on beach.

Nothing better than doing our RioLIVE! in a perfect place, Copacabana Beach! Our Portuguese students showed us that they are really Portuguese language surfers. Besides mastering the language, in our RioLIVE! at this time, they had the great experience of practicing Stand up Paddle Surf, a very popular activity in Rio. We started with some instructions in Portuguese, of course!

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After listening to the instructions carefully, they couldn’t wait get the boards and show hat they could do. It was time to jump in the water! They even had a special audience watching everything from the sand.

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The instructions worked really well, they felt very comfortable and did the activity in an amazing way. They were paddling surfing all over the beach. Definitely experts in Portuguese and Paddle Surf, as we said before, Portuguese Language Surfers!

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Now besides being ready, we are sure that they will do this one more time in the future.

What about you? Come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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