Portuguese in Niterói

Portuguese in Niterói

Portuguese students in Niterói.
Our students enjoying the view in Niterói.


Der Ausflug nach Nitéroi war super, denn es war mal wieder schoen sonnig und warm. Mit der Faehre geht es rueber auf die andere Seite der Bucht, von wo aus man einen tollen Blick auf den Zuckerhut, Cristo und eben ganz Rio hat. Wir waren im Museum fuer Moderne Kunst und dann natuerlich noch etwas am Strand trinken. Nach unendlich vielen Fotos von der schoenen Umgebung sind wir dann wieder mit der Faehre zurueck ins Stadtzentrum von Rio gefahren. Es war ein sehr schoener und entspannter Nachmittag!

Claudia Rothe, Germany.
Portuguese in Niterói.
Our students enjoying the sun and the city.
Portuguese in Niterói. That was our RioLIVE! at this time, we had a very nice visit in one of the most important cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Niterói, Known as cidade sorriso (smile city) and Nikiti, Niterói has the most elevated rates of human development among the others cities of Rio de Janeiro.
Our students from Germany, Venezuela, South Korea and Colombia had the opportunity to visit this amazing place. We started our RioLIVE! downtown with a small but very nice trip using the ferry boat, the main mean of transportation to go to the city. Getting there, our students were admiring the beautiful architecture of the MAC (Contemporary Art Museum), which had a very different exhibition.
It was very interesting. As the day was simply beautiful, we also decided to take a walk and have some beers on the beach. It was a wonderful afternoon, we, from Rio & Learn are sure that our Portuguese students just loved it. And you? What are you waiting for to visit Rio, study Portuguese and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities?
Disfrutando y aprendiendo en la RioLIVE!
Enjoying some beers and speaking Portuguese.

Learning portugues with Some beers at Niteroi

MAC Niteroi and Rio & learn
At the museum.

Paseo de barca con Rio & Learn













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