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What’s up everyone!
Guys, in our Dica today, we are going to talk about Portuguese personal pronouns. These pronouns are used to replace nouns.

Let’s see these pronouns:

Portuguese Personal Pronouns

Here in Brazil, the pronoun Tu (you) is used in some regions and you can learn more about it on our Dica Tu and Você in Brazil. The pronoun Vós (you, plural) is only used in old texts. Let’s see some examples using personal pronouns in Portuguese:

Examples of Portuguese Personal Pronouns

Olá, José. Onde você estuda?
Hi José. Where do you study?

Meu nome é Pablo. Eu sou de Campo Grande.
My name is Pablo. I am from Campo Grande.

Você sabe onde o Mark estuda? Ele estuda português na Rio & Learn.
Do you know where Mark studies? He studies Português at Rio & Learn.

Lorena e eu moramos em Copacabana. Nós dividimos um apartamento.
Lorena and I live in Copacabana. We share an apartment.

Paulo e João, onde vocês moram?
Paulo and João, where do you live?

Marcos, Luana e Laura não têm planos para o fim de semana. Eles vão ficar em casa.
Marcos, Luana and Laura don’t have plans for the weekend. They will stay home.

Onde os estudantes estão? Eles estão na escola de samba.
Where are the studentsThey are at the samba school.

That’s it everyone. We have just learned about personal pronouns in Portuguese. Shall we put our knowledge to the test?
We will be waiting to see you all on our next Dica.

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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