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Our Portuguese immersion school is based on the philosophy that through learning our students can change the world! Learning Portuguese is not only about learning a new language, after all. It’s about dedicating yourself to learning about a new culture, new perspectives and to broaden your horizon! That is what you get from learning with us, from summer to winter, here at Rio & Learn, our Portuguese Language School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Let’s learn more about the school you are going to love!!!


Learn while you have fun!


Speak Portuguese 24/7


Maximum 6 students


Big screens, Slides and on line material



Get the right accent


Don’t pay for any class

Our Unbeatable Location

Rio & Learn is a Portuguese language school in Brazil that offers you a fantastic location to learn Portuguese in different ways such as immersion, summer programs and online classes. You can reach all the best points of Rio de Janeiro easily within a few minutes by bus and underground.

Copacabana is where everything big happens in Rio! And Copacabana beach is for sure the most famous beach in the world. And you know where our school is located? Well, if you walk out of our building and look to the left, there is the beach! There isn’t a better place to learn Portuguese than here!

Have you ever studied very close to the beach? Rio & Learn is just a few metres away from the beach, so you can relax after your class and enjoy the world’s most famous beach, Copacabana.

Our Incredible Teachers

At our Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro, we not only have incredible methods and location, but amazing teachers as well! Our teachers are entirely qualified to teach Portuguese. They are also young, full of energy and really funny! They will guide you through out learning not only Portuguese but also about the Brazilian culture! 

All our teachers possess a complete college degree (or are working towards one) and have (quite a bit of) previous teaching experience. They won’t just present our lessons, but work hard to ensure you have fun while learning!

Our Amazing Classes

Our teachers actively encourage all students to participate and be engaged in their learning, with a focus on real conversations. We train our students to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

We never translate our Portuguese classes into another language, as our objective is to instill in our students the confidence to express themselves authentically in a new language. Our teachers reenact real-life scenarios so students can train the language skills necessary to navigate various social situations.

In our Portuguese Language School, we also incorporate practical exercises outside of the classroom where students have the opportunity to interact with native speakers in Rio de Janeiro. This not only accelerates their language acquisition, but also helps them overcome any doubts or fears they might have about speaking with natives.

Portuguese Immersion School Methods

To speed up your learning process, our methods Funlearning and Livelearning encourage you to participate and speak up. It also attempts to simulate real-life situations! Our Portuguese school also teaches about Brazil and its culture, so your knowledge is well-rounded and up-to-date.


Funlearning, as the own name states, is all about having fun! It’s well known that while relaxed, our brains are more able to retain information and learn faster! That is why all our classes, from online to in-person, are based on the concept of having fun while we learn! You will see our teachers are always finding new ways to make classes productive and interesting!


On the other hand, we have Livelearning as a complement to Funlearning! This method is based on the idea of complete immersion for faster and improved learning process. This means no other language besides Portuguese is spoken during our classes, and we provide an environment where our students can taste the Brazilian culture and essence!

Learn Portuguese in Brazil

People often say that the best way to learn is to immerse yourself, right? Why not have a full immersion in Brazilian culture and language, and learn while having fun with our Portuguese school? Our in-person classes are built in a way where you won’t be inside the classroom all day long: we plan activities outside all related to the content you’ll have to learn in Portuguese. Why not go to a day at the beach while learning beach related vocabulary, for example? Discover how our in-person courses are designed!

Classes in our Portuguese School in Rio de Janeiro

Our classes completely tailored to the needs of our students. So, our programs are varied depending on our necessities and vision for your learning process. 

Do you want to make new friends and like to learn with others? We totally recommend you take some group classes! They are interactive, fun, and you will leave Brazil with more friends than you can count! But you need some special attention and prefer classes alone, we also got private classes in our school. 

All our courses are immersive, but if you want to live the immersive experience for longer hours, we totally recommend you get our Rio & Immersion course! We also got an immersive option for those who need an immersive business approach!

Do you have special needs for your learning process? Don’t worry! We got classes à la carte. And if you need to prepare for the Celpe-BRAS, we got a preparation course for Celpe-BRAS exam! And obviously, if you require a business focus, we got you with our Portuguese for Business course.

But if you fall in love with Brazil and want to stay longer, we got our student visa options, just for you! Study Portuguese with our student visa for six months or our student visa for one year! That way you will enjoy our country at fullest!


RioLIVE! is part of our extra-curricular activities, made specially for our students to dive deeper into our culture and language. It’s included to all our current students. Have you ever thought about studying Portuguese while getting to know Christ the Redeemer? Or while you watch a football game at Maracanã stadium? Or even while dancing some samba in a Samba School? These are just a few of our amazing activities! Anywhere and anything is possible when we learn with RioLIVE! Check our activities calendar here!

Accommodations and Homestay

You can totally go the extra mile and avoid speaking English or your native language even when arriving at your room at night! Our accommodations are affectionately called homestay, because you get to stay with an authentic Brazilian family! Did you know you can even have meals with them to really join their reality? By the end of it, you will have a second family in Brazil for sure!

Learn Portuguese Online

Don’t kid yourself, there is a way to immerse yourself in a new language even online! That is why we got our online Portuguese courses, made fully thinking about our students that can’t come to Brazil right now. We use multiple technological tools to help our students fulfill their wish to learn Portuguese and immerse themselves in our culture! Don’t look for just another summer program in a Portuguese school! Learn for good from anywhere in the world! Check our how it is done:

Our Portuguese School Online Classes

Just like our in-person classes, our online courses are developed thinking about our students’ necessities. Let’s take a look at each one of them before you decide in which you will enroll!

If you want to immerse yourself daily in our culture and language, we totally advise you to take our full-time online group classes! This way you will have daily classes and make new friends from all over the world!

Don’t have the time for daily classes? No problem! Now you have no excuses to delay learning Portuguese! Our part-time online group classes were made so you can study even with a restricted schedule!

But if you want to have one-on-one classes, we still got your back! Our online private classes were designed to help you learn with our native teachers in an individual way!

We also got Classroom, included for all our current students, a space where you can develop your Portuguese through activities designed by our teachers.


It’s not because you are learning Portuguese online with us that you won’t have activities that create immersion in our school! These activities are included to all our current students. RioONLINE! is our tool to bring you closer to Brazil from anywhere in the world! We have many different and fun activities that bring all our online students together! This is a practical way to practice what you learned in class, but also meet new people that are also learning Portuguese! Check our activities calendar here!

Learn Portuguese for Free

Have you ever thought of complementing your studies for free? Well, Rio & Learn also offers you many different ways to learn Portuguese for free! For starters, we got A Dica do Dia, which is a series of classes in our blog from different levels. This way, you can learn the language from anywhere, or simply review a lesson you already had with us! From grammar lessons to cultural aspects of Brazil, we got everything in our A Dica do Dia! What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our newsletter today and receive daily immersion Dicas in your email for free from our Portuguese school! 

We also have Portuguese Games, which is a page dedicated to free games that will help you learn while having fun! It doesn’t matter if you are starting now or if you are advanced already: there will be good fun ways to learn there! And the best part: all our Portuguese games are completely free! 

Want to win a free private class? Come check out our promotion #amorioandlearn, where weekly we choose the best Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or even Portuguese learning related picture to win one hour private class!

More About our Portuguese Language School in Brazil

Every hour of group lessons is 55 minutes. In Rio & Learn programs:

To make you feel comfortable, we offer air conditioning, free wifi and great Brazilian coffee in our school.

If you have any other questions about our Portuguese language school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, please visit our FAQ section, or for enquiries not covered there you can contact us directly through our contact page.




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