Portuguese Slang Gato

5 de September de 2017

Hello folks! Today we will study the Portuguese Slang Gato. Do you know what is it?

Meaning of the Portuguese Slang Gato

The word Gato can be used in two different contexts. For example, when we translate it literally, this word means the animal cat. Miau!


Portuguese slang Gato. Michael: O meu gato se chama Michael Jackson.

Michael: Ei, Viny! Vem ver o meu gato.
VinΓ­cius:Β Qual Γ© o nome dele?
Michael: Michael Jackson.
VinΓ­cius: SΓ³ vocΓͺ mesmo…

Michael: Hey Β Viny! Come here to see my cat’s photo!
VinΓ­cius:Β What is his name?
Michael: Michael Jackson.
VinΓ­cius:Β I should expect that from you…

But when we use this word as a slang, it means something different. In this case Gato will be related to someone beautiful. Take a look!





Portuguese slang Gato. Jess: Nossa! Que gato!

Jess: Nossa! Que gato!
Michael: Oi, falou comigo?
Jess: Falei sim…seu gato!

Jess: Uow! Such a babe!
Michael: Hi. Did you talk to me?
Jess: Yes I did…you hunk!

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A kiss from Rio & Learn, gatos e gatas.

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