Portuguese Swear Words

13 de September de 2017

What’s up?! Do you know how to curse in Portuguese? Today we have a really fun way to learn Portuguese! We are going to teach you Portuguese Swear Words. In this Dica, you will learn bad words in Portuguese: swear words and phrases, their meanings and even the f word! But don’t tell them to your family, ok? Let’s keep it a secret between your Portuguese teachers and you!

How to Curse in Portuguese

To really embrace and master a language you have to know a lot about its culture and daily life, right? For you to be the closest you can to being Brazilian, you must learn how to swear in Portuguese. We are going to teach you some bad words, but you have to be very careful with how you’ll use them, okay?

It’s very important to know that if you use Portuguese swear words in formal contexts, it probably will be seen as either intentionally insulting or a total lack of manners and you’ll get in trouble. Save this special knowledge to joke around with your friends and for use in informal contexts.

example of f word in portuguese: a riolive! foi foda!

Portuguese Swear Words List

BoqueteBlow job
CaralhoCock / Wow
Do caralhoFucking awesome
FodaFuck / Fucking good / Terrible
Foda-seFuck this shit 
FoderTo fuck
Nem fodendoNo fucking way 
PorraFuck  / Wow /  Shit
Porra nenhumaNot a fucking thing
Pra caralhoFucking
Puta merdaHoly shit 
Puta que pariuFor fuck’s sake 
PunhetaA wank
Que porra Γ© essa?What the fuck is this?
Teu cuYour ass (used to disagree)
TreparTo fuck
Olho do cuAsshole 
SacanagemTaking the piss
Cacete/ CacetaCock / Wow

Foda is our f word in Portuguese. It can either be used for something incredibly good, or incredibly bad. To understand which, you must analyze the context, ok?

Portuguese Insult List

BrochaLimp dick
Filho da putaSon of a bitch / Motherfucker
Chupa meu pau!Suck my dick!
Vai pro caralho!Fuck off!
Vai se foder!Go fuck yourself!
Vai tomar no cu!Up yours!
CornoFool (person that gets betrayed in a relationship) 
Fodido Fucked
Cachorro (a)Player/ Whore
Escroto (a)Asshole

Common Portuguese Swear Phrases

When Brazilians (Cariocas even more!) get angry, they love to combine swear words to create funny and intricate swear phrases in Portuguese. Let’s see some very common and funny ones to amplify our vocabulary!

  • Vai pra puta que pariu! (Go fuck yourself!)
  • Vai se foder, mermΓ£o! (Go fuck yourself, brother!)
  • Filho duma Γ©gua! (Son of a horse!)
  • VΓ‘ cagar, mermΓ£o! (Go take a dump, brother!)
  • Enfia no cu essa merda! (Shove it up your arse!)
  • Γ‰ de foder o cu do palhaΓ§o! (It’s to fuck up the clown’s asshole!)
  • Eu quero mais Γ© que se foda! (I want it all to fuck up!)
  • Vai chupar um canavial de rola! (Go suck a cane field of dicks!)
  • Enfia um rojΓ£o no cu e sai voando! (Shove the firecracker inside your ass and fly!)
  • O que Γ© um peido pra quem jΓ‘ estΓ‘ cagado? (What is a fart for someone who is shitty?)

Important to Remember!

Portuguese swears like bicha, boiola and viado cannot be used in any situation. Saying these words to a gay person is extremely offensive. You can only use the words bicha or viado (with this meaning) if you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community because they are reclaiming the word. After all, is not offensive at all to be homosexual, right? Cariocas often call each other viado without meaning homosexual.

All these words are offensive and you shouldn’t use it especially if you are talking directly to someone, but use instead when write paper talking about a situation. Don’t go using our lesson to be mean to people, we certainly don’t want to encourage that!

Portuguese Bad Words

MijarTo piss
CagarTo take a shit
Monte de merdaHeap of shit
Saco de merdaShit bag
Encher o sacoTo annoy someone

That’s a fine list, isn’t it? So, have you heard any of these? Now you know how to curse, how to say the f word in Portuguese and all the variants! What was your reaction when you did? Tell us! If you want to practice, talk to us on Twitter! We love when our students try to use some bad words. It’s fucking hilarious!

See you next time, guys! Valeu!

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