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16 de November de 2021

Hello there! Are you ready to study with us today? We bring you a brand new Dica about Portuguese synonyms! Let’s understand more about this subject and expand our vocabulary.

Synonyms designate words that are similar to other words. The term “synonym” comes from the Greek word “synonymós”, and is formed by the words “syn” (with) and “onymia” (name). But why do we study it? Because knowing how to use synonyms is a feature from people who know a language deeply. It demonstrates fluency, and that is exactly our goal in Portuguese, right?


Types of Synonyms in Portuguese

According to semantics, there are two types of synonyms in Portuguese:

  • Perfect Synonyms: words that share identical meanings, for example: léxico e vocabulário; morrer e falecer; após e depois.
  • Imperfect Synonyms: words that share similar rather than identical meanings, for example: feliz e alegre; cidade e município; córrego e riacho.


Portuguese Synonyms List

Now, let’s take a look at some of these synonyms. We will list some of the most well used synonyms in Portuguese, and if you think we have forgotten any, you can tell us in the comments!

adversário / antagonista adversary
adversidade / problema problem
alegria / felicidade happiness
alfabeto / abecedário alphabet
ancião / idoso elderly
apresentar / expor exhibit
belo / bonito beautiful
bruxa / feiticeira witch
calmo / tranquilo calm
carinho / afeto affection
carro / automóvel car
cão / cachorro dog
casa / lar home
casamento / matrimônio wedding
encontrar / achar find
enxergar / ver see
extinguir / abolir abolish
importante / relevante important
longe / distante far
moral / ética morals
percurso / trajeto route
perguntar / questionar ask
saboroso / delicioso delicious


Examples Using Synonyms

So now that you know some common synonyms, let’s take a look at how they perform in different sentences? Note that in some cases, we need to adapt the gender of some articles if we change the word for a synonym.

  • Adversidade e problema
    • Eu encontrei muitos problemas naquele trabalho.
    • Eu encontrei muitas adversidades naquele trabalho.
    • I’ve found many problems with that job.
  • Alegria e felicidade
  • Alfabeto e abecedário
    • Você sabe todo o alfabeto em português?
    • Você sabe todo o abecedário em português?
    • Do you know all the alphabet in Portuguese?
  • Calmo e tranquilo
    • Seu cão é calmo?
    • Seu cão é tranquilo?
    • Is you dog calm?
  • Encontrar e achar
    • Você encontrou seus óculos ontem?
    • Você achou seus óculos ontem?
    • Did you find your glasses yesterday?
  • Importante e relevante
    • Esta reunião vai ser muito importante.
    • Esta reunião vai ser muito relevante.
    • This reunion will be very important.
  • Percurso e trajeto
    • Qual percurso você faz até a Rio & Learn?
    • Qual trajeto você faz até a Rio & Learn?
    • Which route do you take to Rio & Learn?
  • Saboroso e delicioso


I am sure you all did great in this lesson! Don’t give up! You will for sure be fluent in Portuguese soon!

Kisses from Rio & Learn.


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